PGHK #50 Qit Guek (七月)

Jul 24, 2006 | Ghost Stories, Podcast | 39 comments

Guests: Ang Ku Kueh, Gu Leng C’ngi, Tom Yam, & Shua Hu

We talk about ghost month for ONE whole hour. Sharing our ghost stories. Bomoh or Kong Tao stories. And we also discussed what we should or should not do during the seventh month. Share your stories and experience here in the comment area or in our Penang Hokkien forum.

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  1. kshern

    good show, good show….great job everyone!

  2. hiao lok

    u dint put mine one ah
    i tot my experience can make them chill
    btw, will u put hiao lok one ah?
    i just heard all the special guest wor
    but i din in wor
    thank you anyway
    sorry ya
    if im too KAN CHEONG(nervous)
    ur qit guek ws fun

  3. Miku John

    Thanks Kshern.

    HiaoLok: Yes, you are too kan cheong. I pre-recorded a certain shows. Yours would be coming up in the next few weeks. I’m not certain which Monday. But it willl definitely be on.

  4. ah_chew

    good show too!!!

  5. Wantan

    The Ang Ku Kueh kong tao’s story very scary & very poor thing ler, a normal person just die like that, these black magic sometime can be so devil.

  6. venusgal

    The ever-cool, knowledgable Shua Hu and cute cute Ang Ku Kueh… I’m a fan!! These guys are a great bunch and yea, John! You nail it again!! I love this show.

  7. Ang Ku Kueh

    Thanks every one for the strong support 🙂
    Glad that you all like the show 🙂
    as I’m first time on recording session,
    I was very nervous..
    Takut will spoilt Ar John’s show….

    Its was my great memories in my life
    especially you hear your own voice on air… 😉

    Do enjoy the show & feel free to share your
    experience here too 🙂

  8. Shua Hu

    aiyoo…. now got fan pula… okokokok.. soon will need to create a Shua Hu Fan Club. hahahahahahahahha

    All these black magic is abit scary. If you feel something is weird happen to you, your friends or family, ask them quick quick go to see doctor and do a medical check-up. If it show nothing but you still feel weird, then you need to go to see ang kong or those that can help you to turn the black magic to white magic…

    Also one thing to remind, don’t too superstition in ang kong. We still need doctor to cure certain things in our body. Ang Kong cannot solve all those cancer or AIDS.

  9. guleng C you know who

    oh i am transparent, i have no fan!
    tell me if you love me!!!

  10. hiao lok

    john ah
    can u do more show at night ah
    before 10 can ah
    i hav lots to share u noe
    many more
    i frgt to tell u my own experience kuk
    i frgt on that day le
    i hav few more
    when on show
    i share la
    but do more night time PILLOW talk ok

  11. hiao lok

    ta ta lang
    lu lang eh koh suh jin ho tiah

  12. rain angel

    yes ‘guleng C’…u arer not the invisible one! =)

  13. Ang Ku Kueh

    Haha… Guleng C,
    of course we not forgeting U 😉
    Everyones plays a important roles,
    including to Penang Hokkien listeners as well 🙂

  14. Wantan

    Ang Ku Kueh, u rock ! i dont feel your nervousness at all on your VIRGIN show, u & the rest of the senior guests will be an assets to John’s podcast which benefits all the audiences including myself ! 🙂 I m so proud of u..

  15. guleng C you know who

    OH KAMSIAH rain angel and angku… sorry lah guys cant join u guys for the recording, i am preparing for my exhibition lately quite busy… anyway, after everything is settle, i think i have to make something for the aniversary myself , as a present for ah john’s greatest hokkien podcast…

  16. rain angel

    Guleng C….you are most welcome =) By the way, which part of Melbourne did you see ‘the thing’?? It’s kinda ‘interesting’ coz I’ve been telling people maybe there’s not such ‘thing’ in aussie…coz I’ve never heard of any ghost stories through out my 5 years stay in Melbourne. Never experience the spooky atmosphere either *choih! touchwood* =P

  17. Ang Ku Kueh

    Hey… do U know what I found…
    Ar John had post some photo related to this topic
    in Penang Hokkien Photo album. Check it out &
    you’ll know more what we talking abt 🙂

    Thank U John 😉

  18. guleng C you know who

    I never see any in malaysia for 20 years i live there…
    i came to melb first year i already saw one… in chinatown, if u know the restaurant dragon boat….
    my friend, a chef he told me because last time china town alot of people pia tin and many die as well… so probably those samseng ghosts still stucked there dun wanna leave….

    hmmm…. my aussie friend told me weribee got alot wor… the most haunted place in victoria, like bukit mertajam in penang…

    maybe my luck was extremely low that night… hahaha… i always kena marah by the manager in dragon boat restaurant.. he always say overseas students are parasit.. but then they still hire us to work bcause we are cheap…

    which part of melb u stayed?

  19. Ang Ku Kueh

    Yesterday was the 1st day hell gate opened,
    Last night I had to work in office overnight untill now,
    coz too many work need to rush… the whole office me alone nia…
    Plus, one of my office florecent light tube “short” liao.. dim like disco light like tat…
    whole environment very “Chi Gee” (Spoky)…a bit “kia” coz heard from somebody
    said that my office block was haunted…some of them always saw the black
    shadow fly here & there. Unfortunately I didn’t bring any lucky charm with me…
    so i decided keep playing Penang Hokkien show one-by-one, I play it loud loud…
    from there on I very “an sim & Ping An”… Nothing happend to me 🙂

    maybe later if there is someone told me they heard the wierd sound like ghost mourning last night , dun worry its actually Ar John “kong kam” laughing only… haha 🙂

  20. Miku John

    I told you if you don’t have any lucky charm, you’d play Penang Hokkien loudly, my laughters will scare the ghosts away!

  21. patricttan

    U r right Miku……ur laughter really will chase away all the ghost…hahhahhahh…….!Need no ang kong hu & pak kua…!!
    U know ,my collegue even download ur hi..hi…ka..ka..ka…kakk…laughters and use it as her Handphone ringtone…….good idea…….

    Aniway…….very good show…….ho liao….ho liao…..well done evi 1…….
    Happy Hungry Ghost Festival to everybody……..!!Tata

  22. patricttan

    Wei….b4 I forgot….remember not to sit in the front row while watching Teochew Pan,coz its reserved for the invited hungry ghost only….so bring your own plastic chair lah k…..!
    If you wana c the largest “Tai Soo Yah” paper statue in Malaysia….go to “Tua Sua Kah” (bukit mertajam)….

    Nowadays ar…….do you all notice, We pay for the same price for “Kim Chuah” but its not as tick as last time…….

  23. Wantan

    John’s laughters as ringtone ? oh, that is a brilliant idea, i m gonna do that , now !

  24. Cacing

    Keat ar, story so so attractive wo!!! Keep continues dude!!! GO GO GO!

  25. SuaPahKao

    John’s laughter should put as h/p alarm ringtone, sure wake up 1….hahhaha

  26. Ang Ku Kueh

    Wow… siao beh kao MIKU tone an ne popular ar… hehe 🙂
    Anyone have do spread around lor… let’s strike the hits, ok 🙂

  27. rain angel

    yes!! i know dragon boat! been there before!! it doesn’t look ‘haunted’ at all!!!! geee!!! never been to weribee -phew- but i do find those old houses in prahran and carlton are a bit ‘scary’….surprisingly the hospitals here aren’t scary at all..i just feel safe even i am walking alone using the staircase.. =) *choihhh!!*
    i was in Clayton for the first 3 years, then moved to St Kilda Road…..just came to hobart about 3 weeks ago…will stuck in here until december ..can’t wait to go back to melbourne! p/s: hey!!! how dare him said that international students are parasites!!! *&^%$#$$ =P

  28. SuaPahKao

    Hi Guleng C…. im your #1 fan…. you sound funny and naughty…. haha…. keep it up… 😀

  29. TaoHong

    Good show…….Nice info. sharing. Now in BM town, the ceremony begin. Any one visit there, please take some photo and share with us. ( last day when they send the ” Dua Shu Ya” go back ).

  30. gonkia

    yea, BM got the biggest Tua Lao Ya/ Tai Shu Ya….. in asia woo…:D

  31. Ang Ku Kueh

    Here’s got some photo of BM “phor thor” photos, enjoy 🙂







  32. willwill

    anyone see ghost in these few days?

  33. Ang Ku Kueh

    Opps… I think there is some problem with the linked image.
    but NVM, I had post some of them in Forum as well,
    check it out 🙂

  34. Miku John
  35. Ang Ku Kueh

    IC… haha… 🙂
    Thank you John 🙂

  36. sigeru

    what can i say, it’s another great show leh… love the show, love the host, love the guests too… keep it up everyone… would like to join some show someday…

    by the way, happy 1st anniverysary!!!! ^_^

  37. agentpink

    although i yesterday listen to the latest ghost story i oledi sked till kenot sleep,then now i listen to this..still sked…luckily now afternoon nia…but i so sked wanna go out at nite now..since i wont noe when will sueh-sueh c…hope they dun so notty come n kacau me la..later i cry kenot stop pulak..

  38. So Pia

    Let’s have a topic about bo ka si gina (attitude kids)

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