PGHK #103 Kong Tao (降头)

Jul 30, 2007 | Ghost Stories, Podcast | 15 comments

Guests: Ban Chang Kueh, Ah Leng, Motoleng, Wiwiwawa, & Pong Pah.

We explored the intriguing world of voodoo, what we call Kong Tao in Hokkien.
This show is both creepy and exciting. Believe it or not, it was fun and informative for me, I hope you’ll enjoy too. Share your own knowledge and experience here in the comments area, or join our Penang Hokkien Forum.

A special welcome to all the new Kwong Wah Jit Poh’s readers.



  1. Wyatt ~Chai Kuey~

    Scorpion in hokkien is pronounce “HIAP KIA”.
    Hehe… My grandma told me.

    Anyway, interesting show.

  2. Ah Tox

    Scorpion is also call “Cheo Ngeh” in Hokkien

  3. kevin25

    wah….. quite scardy this show…… the mostly scardy is Bang Chang kuih story…… Nasi Kangkang story i hear tat before from a malay mag….. but i think it different then BCK story…… anywhere….. it a good show….. hope it will have 2nd show lor 🙂 🙂 😛 😛

  4. hito

    guys..the story was awesome…
    i tot the nasi kangkang was also a malay’s kong tao too..
    anyw…hope will heard more form ya…^.^

  5. Wantan

    a mixture of scary & funny, enjoyed every second of it ! Great show !

  6. Miku John

    Thanks! I think we are going to have to do a second show when we have enough people to share more!

  7. Si Kak Tau

    Oh,i wanna tell you the rhyme….it goes like this….liu liu liu-hea bo chew-chiak kay bak-un tau you-chiak ti na-lau bak you!
    oh…what about voodoo by using the baby doll and poke the needles…

  8. shuahuan

    i watch a movie before…
    the wife scare her husband find girls outside…
    so when she finish cook rice…
    she put the rice cooker at floor…
    than take off her cloth…
    open the rice cooker and let the steam from the rice cooker steam her “private part”…(her leg like riding horse “kar kang kang” above rice cooker)
    than all the sweat and “those liquid” fall in to the rice…
    when her husband back home for dinner…
    than give her husband eat…
    so her husband wont go out find girls anymore…

  9. Qi Qi

    this show very very scary, i was alone at house when i listened to the show.

  10. phong hong

    Fantastic! Good laughs and scares. Look forwards to more of such topics.

  11. Nicholas

    geli lo this show.

  12. minn

    teow chiu poem.

    ding ding tong tiang
    zui zui jiak pa pang pui chao hiam hiam
    jiak si keh
    boh liam tor
    jiak niao chu boay
    boh cheng kor
    zao ki ah boi lor
    tao teh kor
    um si wa
    tor si lu

  13. Daphne

    the ‘silang ewe’ is known as minyak dagu. ‘Poh lay kong’ is called santau and can be cured with coconut water.

  14. Daphne

    the ‘silang ewe’ is known as minyak dagu. ‘Poh lay kong’ is called santau and can be cured with coconut water.

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