PGHK #139 Hua Hee Kui (欢喜鬼)

Mar 31, 2008 | Ghost Stories, Podcast | 14 comments

Guests: Hua Hee Dai, Lau Sai, Teo Pu, Hiao Lay Lay & Apong Mah.

We have a special guest from Astro cable channel Hua Hee Dai. She is inviting our Penang Hokkien listeners to join their fun variety shows. If you’re interested in being on TV, please email

Then we continue to talk about some ghost stories. Especially Lau Sai’s stories. It’s one of the scariest stories I’ve heard for a long time. You cannot miss this episode.

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  1. motoleng

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY …. 生日快乐!!!

    i and motoleng-soh hope your Penang hokkien Sheng Kong !!!! and LOVE U

  2. Shuahuan (Keven Loo)

    you still look like age 18…
    i’m ready…
    come on baby…come to “so” me…
    wish all your dream come true…


    (this iz cantonese birthday song)

  4. Ah Hua

    Hi Miku John!!! “Happy B’day” to ya sista!!!!!
    Thank you for bringing so much laughter n joy to all the Penang Hokkien Podcast’s fans n listeners around the globe.
    Keep up the good work!!! May ur both podcast will “blossom” like bunga raya!!!

  5. kevin/taugeh

    Happy Bird Day…… Wish PGHK will last forever lor 😛 Miku always handsome lor…..

  6. jepunlauee

    happy birthday..MIKU JOHN…hope you have a wonderful birthday..and may Penanghokkien live forever…WE LOVE PENANGHOKKIEN….

  7. Miku John

    Thanks for all your birthday wishes!

    I have been getting some SMS and Voice Messages from Jaxtr, but without having any of your contact information. No email or phone numbers. So, I can’t get back with you individually.

    Someone has expressed an interested to download the video I posted on I am working on converting the Flash video to QuickTime, so that you can download and watch it without internet connection. Watch out for a post soon regarding this option.

    Thanks for thinking about me 🙂

  8. Hazel Lim

    Aiya…John.I’m not SUI as you, so no 1 want to join my show leh…

  9. Miku John

    Hazel, you mean no one contacted you yet? Alamak. I will be talking about it in the new few shows. We’ll have to come up with some ideas.

  10. TuaPuiPoh

    wah can go on TV ar, if i am in penang i also will pay my own petrol and go hahahahaha… too bad i am too far and hav no talent like ah john…
    By the way, ”she knows”. its very important to make sure the house u buying is clean, so i heard from my parents whose very superstitious, they wil encourage u to find out the history of the pass tenents and also get a shi fu that u trust to go and check the place out b4 u buy the place.

  11. Lau sai

    Before i move in,actually this house checked by shi fu and she said that””nothing “”inside .Maybe she is not powerful.

  12. TuaPuiPoh

    Lau sai maybe she wasnt there when u move in, u bring her in when u move in? or maybe the shi fu is not powerful but hopefully everything will be sorted out. I heard its really bad to share house with the spirit, they basically suck all the human spirit out of u and u become very bad luck.

  13. Lau Sai

    Master told me that ,”she “was there before i move in.So i will find out again with master on next month .Anyway thanks TuaPuiPoh.

  14. Bibi Ong

    lao sai sound like Wantan… i thought is Wantan..

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