A podcast is like a radio show, or sometimes video, that can be downloaded to your computer for free. Instead of using the airwaves, the internet is being used as the mean of transporting the show to your computer.

How to listen to Penang Hokkien Podcast?

  1. BulletListen on the website

  2. BulletManually download to your computer

  3. BulletSubscribe using iTunes

Three methods to listen to Penang Hokkien Podcast

This is simplest way to get the shows. All you have to do is come back every Monday and check out for a new show. Each show has a Flash player that looks like this:

All you have to do is click on the play icon and enjoy listening to the show. This method is also call streaming. The only downside is if your internet connection is not very fast, the playback might be choppy.

Listen on the website:

If you want to download the shows while you are asleep or doing some other house chores, click on the direct download link. You might have to do a right click and save the linked MP3 file.

You can download all the older shows and listen to them all at once. And feel free to share it with all your friends and family as long as they are old enough to listen to this show. We don’t censor any of our content including language.

Manually download to your computer:

This is the best way of getting the show. After subscribing to the show, all new shows will be downloaded automatically to your computer. New shows will be waiting for you, instead of you having to go to the website every single week.

Here are the simple steps, broken down in details with pictures:

1. Download iTunes & Install

Download iTunes for free.

Click here to download:

Then, install it on your computer.

  1. 2.Click on this Tab

  2. on PenangHokkien.com

3. Click on

iTunes will launch with Penang Hokkien Podcast page in iTunes.

4. The latest show will start downloading

From now on, you will be able to get the latest Penang Hokkien Podcast shows. The shows will come to you automatically.

5. To get older episodes, click on

If you want to catch up with all the older shows, you can click on the triangle on the left to see the show listing, and click on the “GET” button to download. You can even click on “GET ALL” and download all previous episodes.









Subscribe using iTunes:

What is a podcast?