PGHK #833 Thiàu-lâu-kuí 跳樓鬼

Ghost in a hotel room. Ghost of a suicide victim returned to the condo. Avoid simply bringing any deity statues home. Guests: A Hok, Helicopter, Oo Ti Tu, Lam Mun Na Tsi, Tau Gee, Liang Kang Kang, Hau Tiaunn A Long, Tau Gee, Eng Kok Tiong, Kopi Susu, Kang Hu Kiann, Bo...

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PGHK #830 Kuí-tsia̍h-kám 鬼食柑

Exciting and scary new ghost stories, including a nurse sharing her ghost encounters at work, church camp attendees encountered a Malay ghost, ghost eating orange in someone's bedroom, hotel female ghost and more. Guests: Liang Kang Kang, Tsioh Sai, Eng Kok Tiong, Tau...

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PGHK #826 Thái-ko-kuí 癩可鬼

Our guests shared their haunted experiences in their various workplaces including offices and staff quarters. Would you quit your job to avoid ghosts? Guests: CD Lok Not Tiam, Tshioh Sai, Kha Tsuinn Thiann, Hau Tiaunn A Long, Kiam Suinn Tinn, Helicopter, Tsioh Sai,...

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PGHK #809 Hōng-kàu-kuánn-kuí 奉教趕鬼

Suspicious neighbor with a severed finger. How to use glutenous rice or pulut to detect ghosts. We also discussed how Christians perform exorcism. Guests: Puann Kiam Tinn, Kopi Susu, Asam Laksa, Oo Ti Tu, Tau Gee, Phah Lin Tau, Kha Tshuinn Tiann, Eng Kok Tiong, Bo Moo...

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PGHK #808 Tsèng-hú-kuí 政府鬼

Our listeners shared their ghost encounters in various government buildings in Malaysia as well as some shopping malls that are closed due to MCO. This is the first of a two-part episodes. Come back for more next week. Guests: Puann Kiam Tinn, Kopi Susu, Asam Laksa,...

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PGHK #792 Lōo-tsâi-kuí (奴才鬼)

A few new listeners sharing their ghost encounters as children. Kopi Susu shared a friend's parents' deaths within two weeks and more stories behind that. We want to visit a Penang Hill hotel. Ghost at a theatre. Guests: Asam Laksa, Ia Khak Thau, Moo Moo Gu, Eng Kok...

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PGHK #787 Nuā-bī-kuí (爛味鬼)

This week's ghost episode we discussed spirit possessions, ghost warning neighbor's death in 5 days, and more! Follow me on: Twitter (PGHK)@PenangHokkien Twitter...

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PGHK #780 A-má-kuí Cu-bi̍t (阿嬤鬼㧣搣)

Will you be afraid if you see your own friends and relatives come back as ghosts? Angels and demon fighting, soul leaving your body and mind's eyes are just a few of the stories this week. Guests: Oo Niau, Bah Iu Phoh, Puann Kiam Tinn, Oo Ti Tu, Eng Kok Tiong, Kiam...

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