Keong Hee Huat Chye 恭喜发财

Wish each and everyone of you a very prosperous and fat new year! Especially to those that I have met so far, and those I will be meeting very soon, and those I'll be meeting in the future. Thanks for all your continuous support to me and Penang Hokkien Podcast.

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I have received a few phone messages asking if they should register for the dinner. The answer is NO. But, I'd appreciate if you would email Shua Hu. And let him know that you're coming, either to both or to the dinner or workshop. Shua Hu email is...

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PGHK #79 Jiak Xin Chnia (食新正)

Let me know if you know how to write Jiak Xin Chnia in Chinese. Guests: Shua Hu, Dragon Ah Leng, Char Bor, Ah Tox, Ah Tox Knia First episode ever of Penang Hokkien Podcast recorded in Penang. We talked about Chinese...

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Hi to all who are wondering if I'm already in Penang. Yes, I am. I arrived here on February 6th. If you want to contact me, you can call me at this number: 016-424-5448. If you haven't visited Ongline Podcast, now is probably a good time for you to go over there and...

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PGHK #78 Huan Na Ua (番仔话) Guests: Kambong Hu This week, we talked about how we have forgotten some Malay words for staying in a foreign country for over a decade. I met up with Kambong Hu here in a Malaysian restaurant in Kansas City. Plus,...

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Golden Pig Poster

Thanks to Ang Ku Kueh, we have a very attractive poster. You can download the PDF file and print it out and post it anywhere you think is appropriate (don’t break the rules though!). Download PDF file here. Download JPEG file here. Also, please go to the forum and...

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PGHK #77 Kan Bong (牵亡) NOTE: Xiamen Ah Long, thanks for telling me how to write 牵亡. Guests: YY, Lelong, Pong Tai Hai We continue our ghost stories from the beginning of January. If you haven't listened to that show, please check that out...

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PGHK #76 Kim Tu (金猪) Guests: Shua Hu & Ah Tox IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Listen to the show for one of the two secret words. The next word will come out in one of the future shows. When you have both words. Send me an email with those two words...

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PGHK #75 Komtar Guests: TauKnguah, Ah Tu Teik, Hailamkekpui IMPORTANT MESSAGE: If you haven't let us know whether you can attend our Penang Hokkien Chinese New Year Gathering and Podcasting Workshop. Please send an email to Shua Hu...

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About PGHK

The very first podcast entirely in Penang style Hokkien. Funny and casual chats with no topic restrictions. We talk about things that you will only share with your closest friends. May contain Adult Content and Language. Minor please consult your parents.What does EXPLICIT tag means?

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