PGHK #111 Guek Pnia (月饼) Guests: YY, PPP, & Kuku Long Long Happy Mid Autumn Festival. We talked about moon cakes and Teong Chew processions. Kuku Long Long contributed to the celebration in Singapore. Who wants to send me moon cakes? :D...

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PGHK #110 Lor Mnia (路名) Guests: Ah Tox & Arabaijop Do you know what Chulia Street is Hokkien? What about Burma Road? Do you even know that there are Hokkien names for many streets in Penang. You will have to check out this show. A listener...

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Next recording: Sept 15. Starting at 10PM

Join us in our next recording this Saturday with LIVE feed. September 15, 2007. Saturday night. Starting at 10PM. Topics: Penang Road Names in Hokkien Kopi Tiam Ghost Stories Put your name and Skype name down if you want to be a guest. Looking forward to having you on...

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PGHK #109 Blue Flim This topic has been in the forum for a long time, we finally find a time to talk about it. The only problem is, we didn't have enough time. Almost everyone wanted to share their own stories. Now, what are we talking...

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PGHK #108 Keh Gua Kok (嫁外国) Guests: Jipunabor, Laksa Gien, Jepun Lau Ee, & Tua Pui Poh This week we have several listeners sharing their stories on how they got married to a foreign country. As we celebrate 50 years of independence, it's good...

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Happy 50!

Happy Merdeka! As Malaysia turns 50 today, I'd like to express my appreciation to the country in which I was born and raised. My beloved Penang island is a part of the country, and it is this country that gave me the unique and interesting culture that I carry with me...

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Pulau Tikus Market

Some of you might know that I also have another podcast called Ongline Podcast. It is a personal journal podcast that consist of everything from my emotional struggles to weight struggles, from my trip to Chicago to my trip to Malaysia. Anything I want to express...

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PGHK #107 Eau Kui (枵鬼) Guests: Hiao Lok, Pong Pah, Kuku TengTeng & Hao Tniao As many Chinese Penangites are observing the Hungry Ghost Festival, we on Penang Hokkien are joining in and share our experience and stories from the younger...

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About PGHK

The very first podcast entirely in Penang style Hokkien. Funny and casual chats with no topic restrictions. We talk about things that you will only share with your closest friends. May contain Adult Content and Language. Minor please consult your parents.What does EXPLICIT tag means?

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