PGHK #295 Cho Ho Sim ho· NASAM I had a special opportunity to attend my first ever Twestival, and miraculously, it's in my hometown, Penang. I also learned about the National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM) at my first Penang Twestival....

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Birthday Weekend Events

Thanks to several friends of the show, these are the two events where you can attend to help me celebrate my birthday. 1) Saturday April 2: Nanyang Chinese Cuisine RSVP on Facebook or leave a comment if you don't have a Facebook account. 2) Sunday April 3: Karaoke &...

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PGHK #294 Wa M Si Wa E Jilawat (我不是我的疮) This is a special show introducing another new Hokkien play at KLPAC. If you're in KL, please go and check out the show. You'll get to see inter-racial and inter-religion relationship, inner and outer beauty, and...

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PGHK #293 Ho Kai Siau (好介绍) Since I'm going back to Penang next week (arrive March 21), I'd like to see what my listeners can contribute to my experience in Penang this time. They gave me a long list of things to check out. From Saⁿ Tiau Loh...

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Tsunami in Japan

I hope all our listeners in Japan are ok. Please let us know if you're in Japan and are doing alright. Take care and all our hearts go out to all affected by the quake and tsunami.

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Birthday weekend with listeners

Sorry it took so long for me to announce this. But the official birthday celebration will be on the weekend of April 2 & 3. Saturday April 2 is the day/night. More information to come when we find a place. And set a time.

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PGHK #292 Tah Bas (搭巴士) Taking the bus has always been fun for me, today and way back when I was young. It feels like an adventure. We talk about buses today and buses back then in Penang as well as he the long-distant buses to and from...

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No More Ads

A few days ago, I received an email from Google that there are weird activities for my advertisement clicks. They have suspended my account. I attempted to appeal, since I wasn't very sure as to what irregular activities mean. Today, they replied that they stand by...

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About PGHK

The very first podcast entirely in Penang style Hokkien. Funny and casual chats with no topic restrictions. We talk about things that you will only share with your closest friends. May contain Adult Content and Language. Minor please consult your parents.What does EXPLICIT tag means?

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