PGHK #308 Pah Piano (拨Piano) Guests: No· Bin Hut, Kam Phui, Xiamen Ah Long, Chhin Chhai, Bo Mo· Peh, Lau Kau Kiaⁿ, WiwiWawa, Ka-e San Nia & Phong Hong. Xiamen Ah Long suggested this topic for us. Did you take piano lessons or organ lessons? What...

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PGHK #307 Lai Ang (来红) Guests: WiwiWawa, Bo Mo· Peh, Lau Kau Kiaⁿ, Chhin Chhai, Momo Gu, & Gu Leng Ko. You've heard of period. You may have had periods for years. But you may not have heard a show discussing in such a great details about...

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Nominate for Top 10 PGHK Shows 2010/2011

Please suggest your favorite shows here. Post the show number and title, such as this: "PGHK #305 Chiah Chhau Chhau (食臭臭)" Then we will vote for the top 10 shows. I'll put it there on the website. Links to show of 2010: Links to show...

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PGHK #306 Gien Khuaⁿ Kui (瘾看鬼) Guests: Sai Ong, Chhin Chhai, Bo Mo· Peh, & WiwiWawa. This week other than talking about ghost stories, we also share how we sometimes wish to see ghosts, but at the same time are afraid of them. We also discussed...

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Recording this Saturday June 18. 9PM.

Topics: 1. Lai Ang 月经 (Period, menstrual cycle) 2. Pah Piano (Play the piano) 3. Bag gia ha-mih (What's insdie your bag?) 4. Ghosts Add a comment here and tell me which topic (or topics, as many as you want) you want to join. Dont' forget to give me your Skype ID too....

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PGHK #305 Chiah Chhau Chhau (食臭臭) Guests: Liulian Thau, Chhin Chhai, Chhau Tau, Bo Mo· Peh, & Chhau Hu. As Asians, I'm sure you know that there are many things we eat that we think are delicious and smell good are actually very disgusting to other...

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About PGHK

The very first podcast entirely in Penang style Hokkien. Funny and casual chats with no topic restrictions. We talk about things that you will only share with your closest friends. May contain Adult Content and Language. Minor please consult your parents.What does EXPLICIT tag means?

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