PGHK #117 Lao Cibai (老膣毴)

Nov 5, 2007 | Podcast | 76 comments

Guests: Jepun Lau Ee, Jipunabor, & Lao Pui Niao

Have you heard of vicious mother-in-laws?
You will get to hear some extraordinary stories from our special guests. Even though the issue isn’t funny, there were some funny moments in this show.



  1. Hainam Kei Pui

    wow…really kesian JLE and Lao Pui Niao…Lao Pui Niao must love her husband very much to tolerate with the MIL.. But i think now tha ladies all very “chiak” wont let MIL bully liao…if the husband puki ayam sure they will filed divorce liao. To guys out there, is better not to let your wife and mum stay 2gether or else the wars will be never-ending. Even my grandma so is the type that “boh cap siao” still can’t live with the daughter-in-law. Their relationship get better only after they moved out from my grandma house. But now i realize even after married the wife returns to their own parents house more often then their in laws. Now everything has turn the other way round… Last time ppl said, son get married they will get an additional daughter but now is different daughter get married the parents get an additional son. But for JLE case, the in-law get a maid. So shameful of the Lao Cibai, can’t even wash her own underwear!

  2. lor mee

    My god, si pek chia lat the MIL of JLE & LPN. Pity to both of you, but I really “salute” to u two, that can stand such an unhumanize torturing !!
    Hope this “Lau Cibai” topic will be on-aired continuously so that to let all those char bor lang that have the same situation like JLE & LPN to have an atmosphere to vomit out all the sadness that embedded from the bottom of their heart.

  3. Techno Kia

    Oh my god so kesian u two auntie.
    I think if u(ladies and women) in that situation u also will be act same.
    Why i said so because of love.
    LOVE deeply in their heard so this is y all women can be tahan so long.
    Think other way.Guys always GYEK between the mother and wife.Just the two women dont know how suffer the guy.Actually guys always know how the situation but really as husband and son they dont know how to handle it bcos both hand also a hand.side either one also die.Dont always call them pupi ayam.They are KO LIAN also.Call the KO LIAN PUKI AYAM ok la haha.I think they also love yours just some situation they dont have a choices like u and him is same same.
    I so respect them although they have no choice,like JPL said bcos the mother in law lonely so she is forgive him so move back.Anyhow once move out pls dont think to move back people said PEN XING NAN YI.You think attitude of mother in law like that almost 60 years can ezly change ???Impossible loh.
    For the case of LPN,I feel yours is the worst i ever heard in my life other than TV series :).
    I believe u are the strong women in the world.I treat u go to spa when u come back.
    Ai…….so this episode is just like aware all the women when u choose husband also choose new family.Open your eye big big before marriage.

    Anyhow my mum also have have face it before.
    When we young we really dont know how to help my mum.
    My father do nothings bcos he cant do anything he respect his mum.
    He just try to calm down my mum emotions.
    Ai……..So as a son we can see which one is NGAM and which one IS not NGAM.
    So I CALL ALL WIFE.Your son and daughter always be your side.Just control yourself your future will be bright.

    Hope every women will have a good mother in law.

    Cheers Techno Kia

  4. jepun lau ee

    I would like to thank John,for making this topic.I would also like to say a big thankyou to my dear friend,Lao Garfield,for her courage to be able to tell out her mother in law story.
    It really take courage to be able to tell it out for all to hear,coz I know,we might get criticism,and maybe some may even laugh at us.But I feel,it is better to tell it out ,than pretend everything is all right,when you are acually suffering inside.
    I would also like to thank Jipunabor too,for joining this topic,hehe…sori to wake you up so early….gomen neh….

  5. Miku John

    In fact, I am the one really needs to thank all three of you guests. I concur with JPL that it take courage to share such personal struggles to the whole world. But I definitely think that PGHK is a great stage for such discussions. I am sure other people out there, young and old would find this to be a valuable show. The wives, if you can’t fight back, know that you’re alone. If it were me, I’ll fight back. Damn it! For the husbands, be aware of what your wives are going through. For the rest of us, perhaps judging other people’s family matters isn’t our jobs as outsiders. Imagine what stories JPL’s mother-in-law would be telling about JPL to her own friends. I’m sure nothing too good.

  6. Techno Kia

    Hi Miku John,

    Of course as outsider we cannot do anything the only way is listen and support.
    Every home also have their own problem.
    the story is like beauty fight.No body want our own bad story spread out.
    But this episode will let the all mother in law at least aware.
    Bcos one day your daughter also will have mother in law.
    Hope that all mother in law can listen to this episode.
    Of course got good mother in law also.
    Initially i listen to PGHK podcast i though all people marriage to other country will have a good life there especially JPL.
    Because her speaking is so open minded and happily okasan.
    Defenately im wrong.But other than that i believe her life is good de……

    Cheers for a good mother in law by Techno Lia

  7. Taoju

    To be honest.. I don’t have patience to tolerate all those bad treatment. I really would like to salute Jepun Lauee and Lao Garfield and thank god that both of you is gifted with powerful strength to overcome that situation. I would like to share my late granny’s advice to you both “Everyone has his/her own karmic cycle, you just need to finish it.. because your MIL and youself seow khiam che” Once you finished the cycle.. you should be fine and will live happily. To all the Puki’s your duty to protect your wife and also respect your mum… because one day you don’t wish to see your daughter been treated that way, right?

  8. kacang puteh

    As a parents I`m sure everybody would like to see their children have a happy life isn`t it ? Why this Mother in laws of jle & lao garfield wan are so bad!!!The lao cibai names really suit to themlah!!!

  9. Jipunabor

    Yes, I agree with Taoju’s granny’s advice. Because of LOVE many wives torelate all these nonsense ill-treatment. Puki-Ayam, hmmm….. i think it is your responsibility to help these two beloved women of yours, also helping your children and your family. If not you, who else?? Both wife and mother are your family, if you love them and respect them, you have to be firm and be fair. If you think you want to show your respect to mama and be a “hao soon kia” and pretend you dont know, then it is hopeless. It is rather difficult to let outsider judge a family problem, so i guess Puki-Ayam has to do the right decision. Help your family, help your children and help yourself. All in all, if mama and wife can’t get along, then better move out liao lah.

    before i forget, i also want to show my respect to both JLE and Lao Pui Niao for their courage to speak out. There’s nothing shame about when we are sharing experiences and life stories. Be it bad or good, we all learn from experiences and grow smarter. Perhaps that’s the reason why JLE is very “spicy” and “interesting” character in PGHK, no?!

    Lao Pui Niao, glad that your hubby made the right decision moving out with you and i believe you and your family are in new chapter of life,i believe is a happy and good chapeter, and from now on leading peaceful life with your baby.

    Also to all laucibai, if you love your family and grandchildren, it is wiser to accept and help your daughter-in-law building family with your son with warm hearted.

    Just my two yens onli lah.

  10. kevin25

    i really would like to salute Jepun Lauee and Lao Garfield 4 their courage 2 tell us all abt bad treatment from MIL…… if i were them, i sure will put a fight with them one 4 sure…… but i really pity lao Garfield nia….. cant bath 4 one month n some more need2 bath on used water… soooo poor nia……. i agree with Techno Kia, dont call ur husband Puki Ayam, suppose call them Ko Lian Puki Ayam cos they like sandwich…. wanna help u scared mother angry…. wanna help mother, scared wife angry…. haiz…… they really ko lian lor…. anywhere looking 4ward 2 hear part 2…. cant wait nia

  11. Charles

    What a sad tale, from Lau Ee and Lao Garfield. I think i quite agree with what Taoju said. Like Taoju, I’m also a Buddhist, and i strongly believe in karma. Try to tolerate and please do not fight back. Or else the fight will continue to the next life.
    The Buddha said : “He Beat me, he abused me, he frustrated me.
    In those who harbor such thoughts, hatred shall never end.

    He beat me,he abused me, he frustrated me
    In those who do not harbor such thoughts, hatred shall end ;

    For hatred cannot be ended by hatred anywhere;
    Hatred must be ended by love; This Eternal Law.

    (Dhammpada verse 3, 4 and 5)

  12. Sui Kia

    Very pity to Jepun Lao Yee and Lao Garfield. I cant imagine only take bath one in a month.
    but i really respect both of u can tahan till today. If i in your position, i will act like ah John said, use parang to fight already, see who die 1st.

    But Jepun Lauyee, from now on u just pretending and acting to be pity also, when ur mother in law bully u, u just pretending innocent, u use the action to tell ur husband and ur children that u r so kesian and kena bully. some time action will show the fact than u you talk… fight, will not go to the end. what u need to do is gaining the pitiness or support from ur loved 1.

    To Lao Garfield, Luckily u have shifted out from that hell, it is the right action u r not meeting ur mother in law any more. wish you good luck in your marriage life,

  13. Huat Kok Kau

    I think that the husbands are mainly to be blamed. How can they stand someone/anyone bullying the person they ‘love’? How would they like to be in their wives’s shoes?
    Kudos to JLE and LPN for sticking with their husbands, despite everything. Your husbands should learn to be grateful!!!

  14. lehlew

    JLE and LPN, you touched my heart,I feel really sad about your stories , but i can said you both are already won this war and you are the survivor in this game, thanks god that you didn’t withdraw yourself in the process. By the way, to JPL and LPN, pls make sure that by the time you yourself become mother in law, pls make sure you dun treat your “shim phu” like the way your mother in law threat you now.
    I always believe that if u respect other, and the other will respect you, but sometime, it won’t work, but at lease, you have done your part to respect other people. If you need any help, i sure that penanghokkien listener will lend a hand to you.

    JLP and LPN, be strong, be tough, and Don’t worry be happy

  15. kuku

    A very sensible and informative topic discuss this week.I can say its the best of this week podcast.Anyway Althought i am not married and dunt have mil,but i think that lau ee and guest should be really respected for their courage to voice out thier displeasure abut their mil unfair,biased,notorious,unresonable,demanding ways towards them in one way or another.Sometime there are certain things that cannot be change no matter how hard we try,so we should learn from the experience and not apply it to our further spouses.God speed tp all those who have bad mil,be strong and be brave.Hope Lau ee and all can resolve their problems soon.

  16. Tau Sar Phneah

    I really respect and salute jple and garfield for having the courage to tell us the truth typical MIL stories. It really opens up my mind towards the issue. I’m trully shocked that in this new millenium era, there is still this type of MIL. I think this type of MIL still feels that there are the “BOSS” of the house, and try to act out the ‘niao’ attitude. As for me, my mum also always complain to me that my grandmum sometimes also acts out the ‘niao’ styles. To the guys outside there as well as me…(hehehe)…please make sure that next time when you are married, please don’t be a puki ayam or chicken brand!! Anyway, I’m so proud of jple and garfield for letting us know the hard experience they have gone through. And not to forget the funny moment during the show. Cheers to JPLE and Garfield as well as John for hosting this wonderful show!!!
    ~Tau Sar Phneah~

  17. Lau Playboy

    JPLE ah.. your “bullet train””keh bo piau, bor lan hut” cost me my chair. haha. kudos to you! . ….

    man, you guys make my day! laugh till i cry but at the same time sad for all the wives. base on my own opinion, husband should be the one who bear all the resonsibility. man! i never get to understand a husband that couldn’t defend his beloved wife againt his own mother. those husband define “motherly-love” wrongly. an understated mommyboy.

    i always believe if your husband would stand up for you, his mom will step down. if your husband is by yourside, that is why, marry someone who love you more than you love him. control your husband and you control everything.

    wah lan! listening to all your condition, i’m shame to be a man! to any other wives that encounter the same m-i-l problems.. tell your husband, if you can’t even be reasonable with your OWN mother, don’t try to own other’s daughter.
    fucking bend-down.. stick that mid finger to his own arse.

    Jiponabor/JPLE/Lao Pui Niao, i seriously admired you girls. Pain for you but admire you. Sorry i keep hamtam all your husband..!! but ..!! they really big time pukiayam lo.

    Lao Pui Niao.. your “yaaa..ya..” sipeh sexy! wink!

  18. Lao Garfield / Lau Pui Niau

    First of all, thank you to all of you for your kind and understanding comments. Yes…love is great thing isn’t it. JPL and me suffers for the sake of love. Love for our husband and love for our children. Initially I thought lots of people might not believe our MIL stories.

    Yeah…its not like I haven’t tried telling other people about my MIL and still quite a lot of them doubt my stories. I have had countless depressions and loss of memories based on my MIL experiences. For quite few years, I couldn’t forgive and forget the traumas that I had from living with her those days. I did fight back in the end but it went ugly….my actions and her actions…just went uglier and uglier…(will let u know if given opportunities next time on live recording). But now as she grows older, I started to change my mind about her again…I think she is a sad soul. She has never been a happy soul and she hates to see other people being happy and in love. I hope in time she will change herself.

    Kudos to JPL as she is still living with her MIL and trying her best for her children’s sake. I don’t think I could last that long if I was in her place.

  19. Siao Cha Bo

    Thank you for sharing. Eye opening stories. Those puki ayam and lao cibai will never rest in peace. JLE and LPN, stay strong, you always have us…

  20. Kyels

    It seems that there are quite a number of on-going horrific stories about the evil nature of mother-in-laws and how they dictate the lives of their daughter-in-laws when they marry their sons. I find it a bit disturbed for them to mistreat their daughter-in-laws and instead of looking at them as human beings with emotions, they chose to treat them like animals especially JLE and LPN’s case. It is a bit unfair for them to treat “outsiders” like that and imagine if they were in their DILs position how would they actually feel?! Brainless idiots.

    Anyway, somehow I find that the only child or only son in the family tend to listen and worship their mother like some forsaken God. Even if they are married, the mother will always come first instead of the wife that he has said vows to, during the marriage ceremony. Honestly, it is time for them to think what is right and wrong as we are all capable to think rationally and logically. Mistakes made will always be mistakes and should be sided if the MIL is in the wrong.


    These lao cibais can go to hell because they “khor tok” their DILs.

  21. ikuma

    aiyo, jepun lau ee your story remind me of a drama i’ve seen. Maybe you know, call 羅刹の家(らせつのいえ)You should rent it, request it at Tsutaya.
    Watch it when you in law is there, cause the ending is shocking.

  22. thamby

    My dear friend JPLE, I salute you for your courage to share your miserable experience and sorry for you and Garfield. You two are the bravest. I’ve heard about bad in laws but this is to the extremed.
    Of all the hillarious things you always shares to entertained PGHK listeners. You never let your past get in your way to fill this place with laughter.
    You are a strong woman.

  23. Anonymous

    I have been following the PGHK weekly podcast for almost a year and I think this week’s story is the funniest one. Well, don’t get me wrong, I am not laughing at those DILs. I am deeply touched with JLE and Lao Garfield’s encounters. To JLE and Lao Garfield’s MIL, you two better watch out. I hope that both of you will not be a woman again in your next life, if not, I am sure the very same thing will happen to both of you in your next life. To JLE and Lao Garfield, there is no word that I can use to describe both of you, but only “I salute you”! Well, I believe your life will get better in another few more years, when your children have grown up and if they understand you (like JLE’s children), I am sure you will definitely have a good fight with your MILs. Cheers!

  24. guleng

    Not only the married couple has the problem of “mingling” with their in law… There are many interesting stories of gay men and their mother-in-law too!

  25. Wantan

    great show ! cool guests !

  26. Atupek

    Ai doo…………JLE…. an cua lu er lau ci bai so ko tok????
    but i heard that almost old japanese women same like that……
    u must lun lar……… else send to DOBI…. hehehe…. they will help you settle everything and just you pay for it.

  27. Magician

    I am so sorry to hear such tragic stories from the 2 ladies here… just be strong!!!

    Think of some ways to teach these Lao Cibai Lok some manners!!!

    (Don’t be Lao Bai Bai when you are old ya!!! joking…)

    JPLE, next time I go Japan… I want to visit you… maybe I can teach this Jepun Lao Cibai some manner!!!

  28. K.E

    Such a sad stories from JPLE & LPN. That was hard to compromise or tolerate in such situations. Not easy for both of you to unveil those unutterable stories over the podcast.
    Good thing to know about JPNB is fortunate enough to have the good MIL.

  29. Ah Hoon

    Jle and LG, well looks like the support you both have are really promising.. Stick to being positive and things will go your way. Don’t look back the past and horrible things but forward for what you can do to make your own lives in your favour.. Thats winning a point more each day. Harping the bad will make you sad only. Wish you both a happy ending.

  30. Lao Garfield / Lau Pui Niau

    Thank you Ah Hoon for your kind remarks. Yes…Its true not to harbour the past but forward do what we could for our future. I am sure there are other wives who might be suffering the same like our MILs. After listening to my own recording and also seeing so many responses from the listeners, I am now making plans to go back to see my MIL soon with my family. Its going to be my one time try to reconcile with her. If she doesn’t accept me or us, then I shall leave her with my best wishes as I am also a Buddhist and do not wish to harbour any hatreds towards her. I am doing this last try because she is also my husband’s mother. I am sure my husband at some point must have also miss seeing his mother after all they were at their best before he met me years ago. OM MANI PADME HUM and may my MIL be blessed with health and happiness.

  31. Pek Lulu

    Wow, good topic. MIL and DIL wars. I have no commend on any MIL and DIL. I think it is all about money and also status plus education. The jealousy that cause the burning fire in the body, mind and spirit to act unrealistically. Will continue for another topic.

  32. kevin25

    wah guleng chi also kena bully by MIL……. quite interesting wor…. john make a story abt gay men with MIL story……

  33. Tualanchiou

    I am very astonished to hear this topic. It is sad that people just do not have due respect for their elders anymore. How can both of you disgraced your MIL and your husbands like that. Can I put it as crude? Without your Lao Cibai where will your puki ayam comes from? I would like to say that your are degrading your husbands whom you had once loved to the whole world. Remember you may one day become lau cibai too. You may be branded as Chao Cibai or wormy cibai. Are you sure that you won’t be bitchy yourself? Anyway, I am sure that if you have been respectful to them, they would have done the same. Washing panties is no big deal…if she had been your own mother, I am positively sure that you would have washed without complaining. We should treat our in-laws like our own parents.

    As for the supporters, please do not just write comments blindly. Think what if you get such wives. Think what if you were disgraced like that. Put yourself in the MIL and puki ayams’ shoes. I am sure you won’t like that. Otherwise, don’t comment in support just because your are friends. I called that very unwise.

    It was really hard for me to believe that a western country is that worst. For Lao Pui Niao – unless u r a cheap labourer in Belgium that turned into a “swan” …otherwise it is very hard for me to believe in what you told.
    In Belgium, ppl r more civilized than Asian, there is always human right! If such a terrible thing really happened to you, it is considered as torturing, then u should have sued ur lao cibai for your own rights.

    Both of you are well educated and not from the poor family like the Indonesian in our country…why would you want to “suffer” like slaves. Hard to believe Malaysian like you two can be so stupid.

    I am very sure that at one stage you two were madly in love with your husbands so may I ask why now did you want to disgrace them? Just because they can’t understand your dialect doesn’t mean that you can discriminate them like that. I am wondering what they would do if they knew……. This isn’t a laughing matter, dear supporters. Think with your brains, you have one in case you don’t know.

  34. Miku John

    No one can judge a family’s business. Tualanchiou, you can’t either.
    But I appreciate your opinion sharing here.

    I disagree. I think we have to respect the elders. But we can’t let torture go without saying.

    I am expecting this sort of comment to come. In fact, JLE and TPN already expected this. But thank goodness, most of us are wise and can make up our own minds in this situation as to who is right and who is wrong.

    TLC is contradicting himself/herself (I hope it’s a he if he has a lanchiao), left and right. But that’s ok. I respect his opinion. I strongly disagree with him, but he is entitled to his own opinion.

    And TLC, here’s an advice back from your own advice, “Please do not just write comments blindly, put yourself in the shoes of “JPL and TPN”.

  35. Lao Garfield/Lau Pui Niau

    Dear TLC,

    Your comments noted and thank you for your wonderful vocabularies and beautiful remarks for both myself and JPL. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinions including yours. Both me and JPL never ask anyone to believe us in the first place. PGHK is an escapade for us.

    May you be blessed with health, love and happiness.

  36. jepun lau ee


    I can only say this two things to you ,”Welcome to Puki Ayam Club” if you are a man,and “Welcome to Lao Ciabai Club” if you are a woman.

    Like I say in this topic,If you didn’t eat the chllies,you don’t Know the hotness…

  37. kevin25

    Dear TLC,

    i totally disagree with what u say here…… u never think on behalf of JPL n LPN….. maybe it totally unbelieved with what LPN say cos it happen in 21th century n ur right western ppl r more civilized than Asian but this case really happen. so what u expect? as we chinese have 4 word “Each home have different problem”. so pls think 4 other b4 u comment……. if u were them…. what dose u feel if u been treat like tat? think!!!!

  38. Jipunabor

    Hello Tualanchiou,

    I am just curious …..

    TLC said : {…..We should treat our in-laws like our own parents.}

    Ya, i agree, but has anyone here said we should not?!

    {….I am sure that if you have been respectful to them, they would have done the same.}

    How do you know they haven’t tried to be respectful? How do you know they would have done the same since you know nothing about their family and inlaws?

    {{…..don’t comment in support just because your are friends. I called that very unwise}}.

    How do you know they comment blindly? WHO is the one commentted blindly here? how much do you JLE and LPN? how much do you know their condition and their in-laws? How much do you know their friendship with the supporters here? and why can’t friends give their words of support and lend their ears? Well, you don’t have to believe all stories in PGHK but you don’t have the right to call supporters here “UNWISE”, who is actually the one?!

    {….why would you want to “suffer” like slaves. Hard to believe Malaysian like you two can be so stupid…..}

    you asked “WHY”, that prove you don’t know about them and don’t understabd their condition they faced, and then you called people stupid?!! Isn’t it unfair to judge a person by listening to a show?! why do you want to hurt the guests by calling them stupid?! are you any smarter?? then show yourself loh.

    {This isn’t a laughing matter, dear supporters. Think with your brains….}

    Yes, this isn’t a laughing matter,TLC, pls don’t come here and hurt ppl by calling them stupid, they dont deserve it. Everyone here does think with their brains.

    Thank you for reading this far .May all listeners / supporters have a wonderful weekend.
    last but not least, TLC, thank you for listening to the talk. (^-^)

  39. Hainam Kei Pui

    Specially for Tualanciao,
    (P/s: I am not scolding any chao ua in this comment, cos i don’t wan to give chance to ppl to think that all asian are uncivilized)

    We are living in the century that we should respect each other whether you are an old or young. If the elder are being unreasonable, we must had our way to protect our self. If JLE and LPN mother-in-law were to treat them like their own daughter, i believe both JLE and LPN will treat their MIL like their own mother too.

    We wrote comment blindly? How do you know? Who are you to called us unwise? We have the right to write out our opinion here whether they are our friends or not.

    If you don’t believe LPN, then don’t. Nobody ask you to believe then. Sue the Lao Cibai? In your first paragraph, you say we should respect the elders, and now you call LPN to sue her MIL…is this call respect? Use your brain, in case you don’t know you have one- quote from you!

    Do you know what is love? Love is to sacrifice. They are sacrificing for someone they love that is why they are willing to suffer like slave. but everything will come to an end, they had suffer enough that is why they let it out in this show.

    And one more thing, I am sure you are very respectful to the elders. But why are you calling LPN mil ” LAO CIBAI” also? If you are so civilized and respectful to the elders, why “Lao Cibai” instead of “your mother-in-law”?

  40. K.E

    If you want to draw attention, please go some where else. Idiot!!
    Belgium people more civilized than asian doesn’t mean without the minority with brain stuck shit like you. You are commenting people with your own set of thinking…..we call “shallow” in chinese.
    You have no right to talk on behalf of the other supporter. Keep your fucking mouth shut!

  41. Tualanchiou

    Shit to all of u brainless idiots…..Cannot take bad comments. All the time want good comments…Come on face reality.

  42. Hainam Kei Pui

    Ho!Ho!Ho! look who’s talking! every time when you wanna comment on others pls use your brain to think! We can’t take bad comments, how bout you? You take it very well then? After you read our comments you call us brainless idiots!

  43. K.E

    GOD damn you down to the hell. Fucking stupid idiot !!
    You are the one who must face the reality…….no cure!!

  44. Hainam Kei Pui

    if you dun agree with this shows that is ok, you wanna post bad comments oso nvm. The actual reason we bombard you, is for those harsh words you use on us. Who are you, to call us stupid and idiots? You much more worst than the puki ayam and the lao cibai!

  45. Tualanchiou

    LOL u all made this sound like u all knw each other soooooooooooo well. Well, Jipunabor…u asked me those questions and i am now asking u the same questions…..

  46. Tualanchiou

    And Hainam Kei Pui…..I can take bad comments. Infact I am laughing away.

  47. Dragon

    KE and HNKP, we no need to be so angry with this kind of ppl. just let it be. Brainless idiot is like that, only know how to say ppl brainless, say ppl idiot, as if he (i also assume this brainless idiot is a he) is very smart. oh ya….. smart ass maybe. know what? i just think of one cantonese saying that best describe about this: “carzy dog will simply bark”.

  48. Tualanchiou

    and again Hainam Kei Pui…i never called their MIL lao cibai…they were the ones who did that first. Take note.

  49. Tualanchiou

    Ya, Dragon, I agree with that quote…..but who is the crazy dog here in the first place?

  50. ETCN

    hello TUALANCIAO…are you married? if you are, i am sure your wife is the pitiest woman in the world. your old wringkly cibai mother must be torturing your wife like hell. Are you fucking with your mum instead your wife. you should be more respectful and u should respect your wife as well. Furthermore u were critizing other person’s wife..damn you.!!! you have a ‘ TUALANCIAO’ does not mean you know how to use it. Beware one day your girl friend/wife or your mother would betray you and fuck with other men with better technique than u. damn!!

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