PGHK #143 Pang Jio (放尿)

Apr 28, 2008 | Podcast | 17 comments

Guests: Kam Pui, Hao Tniao, Jepun Lau Ee, Wiwi Wawa & Ah Tox

This week we are going to talk about peeing. Something we all do, but never talk about. Enjoy a good kencing chat.

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This is for those of you who requested for the Cantonese version of Langit Biru Kita. New lyrics written by Wiwi Wawa.

(Right click and download this MP3 file)
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  1. kacang puteh

    What `s a good funny & interesting show that i ever heard!Hahaaa…i like it!Well done John,Kam Pui,Hao Tniao,Jepun Lau Ee,Wiwi & Ah Tox!!!

  2. jepun lau ee

    Hahahaaa…I like this show…have a hearty laugh …while listening to this topic…
    Would like to thank all the guests and our dear MIKU JOHN for making this show possible..Thanks alot….

  3. Siao Cha Bor

    nice show. very informative. haha. looking forward to the pang sai topic. how many of you experienced while pang jio-ing, someone opened your toilet door?

  4. lau sai

    ohhhh,I knew liao,why cha bor always got tissue paper inside her bag…hehehe.

  5. Tuaki

    Interesting topic …. good on you Miku John and your guest with this topic conversation which make me laugh …..

    How do I found out when will you next lived broadcast be?

  6. Kevin/Taugeh

    Tuaki… pls pay attention on this site….. miku will post the information regarding the next recording at here…….

  7. Gatai

    aiyo, pang jiao also got so many things to talk about. well anyway, if u pee in the swimming pool, bubbles also will appear.

  8. Gatai

    oh yea..what if the pee is yellowish in color ? what will happen to the swimming pool ?

  9. Miku John

    Everyone also got pang jio, of course many people have things to say about this. 🙂

  10. Lao Beh

    love it this show….

  11. kam pui

    very funny this show… keep do it…^^

  12. ah_chew

    this video tells it about char boh pang jio!!

  13. lor mee

    yeah, at last good show coming back to “live” liao…….keep it up !!

  14. TauSarPhneah

    only pg hokkien that can do such a topic….pang jio also can elaborate till so much…real kapsters all…hahaha…really enjoyed myself listening to this show…have a great time laughing till almost ‘lau jiu’….kekeke…

  15. Kevin/Taugeh

    wah the 2nd link tat ah chew give really worst wor…. like tat also can kah 😛

  16. ah_chew

    i really wonder what’s Pang Sai going to be like….
    eewwww hahaha

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