PGHK #34 Teo Chew Pan

Apr 2, 2006 | Podcast | 13 comments

Guests: Gu Leng Ch’ngi, Ah Long & Juyee.

All of us have very different things to share when it comes to teo chew pan.
You cannot imagine how far each of our experiences are.

John in Chinese Opera

Teo Chew Pan
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  1. Penangknia

    This episode is really good! Should ??? be pak(1)tsio(1)hu(1?instead of pak(1)tsiao(1)hu(1)?

  2. John Ong

    Now, Penangknia, so, are you ready to come on the show yet? 🙂
    We’re all still waiting.

  3. Sushi

    I watched Teow Chew opera show since I was 6 years old and ever played the Teow Chew opera like John. Last time only have Thailand and local Teow Chew Pan but now a day also have Teow Chew Pan from China perform in Malaysia. The performers from China most of them quite young, not more than 25 years old, but the Thailand and local one most of them quite old. I ever seen the “life background” mention by John when I was young too. Now a day can not see this kind of background anymore. At my home town still have 3 or 4 times Teow Chew opera show every year. If you never watch Teow Chew Pan or you miss Teow Chew Pan and can not get from your place, welcome to my home town. John’s photo very cute.

  4. John Ong


    Thanks for sending in the those Teo Chew Pan pictures for us.

    I was a crazy since I was a little!

  5. justin

    ah john. justin here again, today, i tried to downloading the episode “Penang Hokkien #34 Teo Chew Pan”, it come out with this message “The URL “″ could not be found on the server”

    any other ppl have this problem or not ah???

  6. justin

    i think my office computer really have problem lah… after clicking the “Get” button in itune for billions times, finally, i can download the show liao.. siao siao eh…

    haiz, i am addicted to your show liao… every monday, penang hokkien is the thing to cheer me up from getting monday blue loh… so, ah john, don’t ever stop doing this show… if not, i dont know what i gonna do… kekekke…

    by the way, i introduced this show to my friend at melbourne… he is from Perlis one… once i introduced to him, he listen to your previous to latest shows from afternoon til night loh… hehehe… so, you can see how addictable your show is… 😛

  7. Shua Hu

    Aiyoo… Teo Chew Pan topic always run out to things about food. John really love to eat..hahahahahaha sorry John, cannot join this episode. paiseh…
    Now ah, teo chew pan is getting less liao… last time mainly all those “god” birthday is only either teo chew or hokkine pan but now, karaoke and singing show is more than teo chew & hokkien pan liao….

  8. b

    john….really like this show…u can go to do part time for this ‘teow chew ban’ liao… must be very excited….u r damn talented lah…..hahahaha

  9. lapchiong

    ah john…you are so cuteeeee…Katakpuru is so sad she did not participated in the podcast. She had been going to teow chew pan for more than 10yrs with her grand ma. ayayayayayayay….

  10. John Ong

    b: Aiyoh, kam siah hoh. Glad you enjoyed the show. Please tell all your friends about it!

    lapchiong: I was cute. Now I turned into a piece of big MIKU!

    Katakpuru: We’ll have another chance to talk about it agein. Next time, we talk about “hee peh kah”. Talk about all the food that goes with it.

  11. Penangknia

    Hi Ah John, thanks for inviting me again. Unfortunately not ready yet. Also very busy recently.

    Your picture is really cute. Precooked Mi3ku1 indeed, ko1 buaey3 chui1 (cooking method) kah1 phong3 eh2 mi3ku1!

  12. Katakpuru

    Yeh! Yeh!… i want to talk about that… Thanks Ah John. I belanja you big miku. hahah…

  13. Crosslang

    Hard it hard to u derstand without English/mandarin subtitles 🙁

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