PGHK #430 Pang Phui Kui (放屁鬼)

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Guests: WiwiWawa, Chioh Sai, Tit Kue, & Si Gueh.

Thanks to Ah Long and Penang PAC, we were able to record the first ghost episode with live audience. This is so much more fun than listening to ghost stories together with you. Almost all brand new special guests share their creepy stories with us. Some in hospitals, some on the street, and some in hospital rooms.

Awesome photos by LailaiKiki Click image below for more photos:

PGHK Live Ghost Episode

Original photos from Google+


PGHK #429 Penang Lang (庇能人)

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Guests: Loti Bin, Hiau Hong, KE, Ang Mo· Tan, WiwiWawa, Se Lim, Tau Ge·, Babi Tu, Ah Long, Ah Tox, Chhin Chhai, Ting Ting, Bo Mo· Peh, Hai Som & all the LIVE audience!

We talk about what made Penang Lang special. We asked some non-Penangite to share their opinions and we talk to actual Penangites about what made us unique!

This show is recorded at Penang PAC. Thanks to Ah Long and Penang PAC for allowing us to use the stage, and thanks to all of you who came out for this late night recording that started at midnight! I had so much fun! Thank you!


PGHK #428 Tai Ke· Lai Chiah Che (大家來食齋)

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Guests: WiwiWawa (Special Host), Bo Miaⁿ, O· Theng, Babi Tu, & Chioh Sai.

To celebrate Kiu Ong Ia, WiwiWawa and our special PGHK tham chiah kui came from Singapore, KL, and Penang Island to have vegetarian food in Raja Udah and visit the famous Tau Bo Kiong temple. There’s a lot of food talk all over show.

Click on the images below to see all the food and temple photos from this episode:

Special PGHK Troop


Vegetarian duck


PGHK #426 Namsai Khuaⁿ Kui Sin Seⁿ (南西看鬼先生)

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Guest: Namsai

Namsai took me to have a lovely lunch. While we are there I asked her about her ability to see the paranormal and how she deals with her psychic power.

I have also encountered something interesting on Karak Highway. You have to listen to the whole show to find out more.

Also check out more photos. There are more photos in the set. Click on the images below to go to the whole set.

Adventure with Namsai

Where I saw the person wearing red clothes

Namsai and I ordered this much


My PGHK Family

Kam the vely sia to each and everyone of you. The ones I met in person, online, and silently listening and supporting PGHK. The biggest achievement of my podcast isn’t how popular the podcast is, how many listeners I have, or how recognizable I am in Penang, but gaining a new family — the PGHK family.

Thank you.



PGHK #424 Lai Lau Thiaⁿ (來留廳)

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Guest: WiwiWawa

WiwiWawa and I are riding in his sapu teksi talking about his special night, his Lau Thiaⁿ and the special stage show of PGHK on Stage 1 of Penang PAC! You will always find some amazing surprises while WiwiWawa is driving!

RSVP for the special PGHK Live recording on Stage 1 of Penang PAC.



Stick in the car

Wiwiwawa & I recording

Link to DingDaLing Show 叮的铃#28 婚宴


Live Shows on Penang PAC Stage

I hope all of you who attend the Lau Thiaⁿ dinner would stay back for the rare stage show/recording of PGHK.

Thanks to Penang PAC and Ah Long, we will be doing 2 recordings on stage. If you’re in Penang, even if you just come for the free show in Penang PAC, Straits Quay Marina Mall.

Door opens at 11:30PM (21/9/2013)
Show starts at midnight!

Come be a guest on stage or an audience member in the theater. But don’t miss it.

RSVP for live Stage PGHK show!

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