PGHK #53 T’ngiah Cheong (听众)

Aug 14, 2006 | Podcast | 26 comments

Guests: Beh Ki Beh Lok, Oh Tao, Ang Ku Kueh, Hiao Lok, Tao Hong, Wantan, Kuan Kong,

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Picture by Boh Mia Si
Boh Mia Si 1 Year Anniversary

A special thank you to all our previous guests and all the listeners from all over the world. Without your support, encouragements, and help, Penang Hokkien Podcast wouldn’t be as nearly as successful as it is today. I owe a big Kam the very Siah to all of you. Share your ideas for future shows in our Penang Hokkien forum.

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  1. Dragon

    The opening song is so nice and funny! it’s not easy to get so many people to sing together. somemore, all not at the same place. this is the power of internet and miku john. 🙂

    first time listen to my own voice on air, funny leh…… thanks miku john for putting my clip in. kam siah.

    p/s actually i dont know there is a comment session here, until i found out yesterday, haha.

  2. wantan

    Bo Mia Si, this pix very nice & touching. Great job ! 😀

  3. Miku John

    I think is wonderful too.
    It looks like an island, like Penang! I’m very kam tong to all the listeners.

  4. Guleng C you know who

    john, make it 2 shows per week, one show simply not enough la :X i am craving for more :X

    I found penanghokkien from google on last January.. i think.. when i was trying to search for the picture of ferry and i found penang hokkien. 😀

    happy birthday…. 🙂

  5. Shua Hu

    Dragon ah, all people didn’t sing at the same time one… ahahahahhaa…. now our song is on air liao…hahahahaha

  6. Dragon

    Shua Hu, it’s good to let all of us out there listen to how u guys sing, it’s nice and I just like it!

  7. Ang Ku Kueh

    Haha… very funny show… kesian Oh tao alway kena screw by ar John… haha 🙂
    I like the b’day cake… so Happy can be a part of Penang Hokkien 🙂

    Thanks for everyone for the effort to complete the task… Hokkien song 🙂
    Hope you all will like the song 🙂

  8. wantan

    Haha, Ang Ku Kueh, u & I really Hati se-Jiwa ler, the way we presented the speech so New year feel hor.. haha.. so funny, & u sing so well, too 🙂

  9. Ang Ku Kueh

    Haha… wa lang si brother mah… hehe 🙂
    I like your “Shio Bak Chang” too, U can consider to TM it liao… 😉

  10. Shua Hu

    Not Singapore’s hokkien deep lah…. their is too shollow….. hahahahaha…penang hokkien is deeper……hahahahahah

  11. Shua Hu

    walao… just noticed, oh tao told ah john about our “secret drama” ah….. apalah…. I tot we mentioned not mentioned to anybody mah….. wan to give surprise mah…aiyooo…

  12. wantan

    Haha, no wonder John keep asking o Tao to ” tiam Tiam ” lah.. 😀

  13. Juyee

    Excellent show! Keep it up Ah John. I have also noticed the standard of Hokkian impoving since last year. Perhaps, I am improving.

    Gam sia for the lovely shows for the last year Miku John and all the guests. Where is Xiamen Ah Long? 🙁

  14. TaoHong

    Good song, Good lyric. John. You can write better than me. Thanks for involved me in this episod. keep on moving make Penang Hokkien to Tay Qiu Hokkien.

  15. Miku John

    Ang Ku Kueh wrote the lyrics. Yes, they are funny and good.

  16. wantan

    Shua Hu was the producer & Ang Ku Kueh was the lyrics writter, we are the Penang Hokkien Podcast appointed GO GO boyz ! 🙂

  17. wantan

    Shua Hu was the Producer, Ang Ku Kueh was the lyrics writter, O Tao, Lapchiong , Kuan Kong , we all are the Penang Hokkien podcast appointed GO GO boyz ! 😀

  18. Dragon

    The “secret drama” start liao ar? If not, i also want to join…….

  19. Bo_Mia_Si

    Aiyo guys… that song is so damn funny and good. Sounds like you guys singing altogether in a room. Good job Go Go boyz!
    The cake is like Penang island and the number one candle is Komtar… lol.
    John, about the ladies only show…. good suggestion. Wa ki chi 100%. Consider me as one of them.

  20. hiao lok

    i likem the cake
    yum yum


    Good job Miku John,funny songs,funny guests , muahahaha …. ….
    keep it up, !

    Hearted Wishes To Penang Hokkien -:

    Happy Birthday

  22. hiao lok

    thank u thank u
    hope to see u in other recording…
    the time must suit me u noe

  23. Seoh

    Chio si lang.. tao chit tao tiah tiuk hokkien podcast. 🙂 Happy B’day

  24. Siao Kia

    Who did the Rap ? si peh out-tune, next time look for me.

  25. molly chin

    happy birthday. Imm chai, this site existed….shiok2.
    love the hokkien songs. I guess , i am the only penang hokkien on this
    island – gulf of mexico. will forward this to dallas, tx

  26. Tua Pui Kia

    Miku John

    This episode cant be downloaded full. I’ve tested it in my office and home but still the same. Pls help to look into it. Thanks.

    Tua Pui Kia

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