PGHK #138 Koh Chiah (考车)

Mar 24, 2008 | Podcast | 8 comments

Guests: Siao Eng Knia, Wiwi Wawa, Hao Tniao, Kampui, & Keh Loh

I’m sure all of you would have your own stories to share. But listen to the show to laugh with us what happened to my special guests during that driving test. Plus, the show also calls for you to response to some questions in the comment area.



  1. Hazel Lim

    Hallo…Lu Ho. I’m Hazel Lim from Astro Broadcast (Malaysia).
    I’m person in charge of Astro Hokkien Channel.
    I would like to invite you to attend our Hokkien show,
    May i know how to keep you contact? MSN? Skype?

  2. shuahuan

    wow…astro also come in liao…
    miku…quickly respond to her…
    than i will go subscribe “欢喜台” wait for your show…

  3. lor mee

    wow !! wow !! wow !! ….. John. I’ll also wait for ur show then. I already got “欢喜台, 333”.

  4. Lau sai

    Go newssssssss.

  5. Lau sai

    Good newssssssss.

  6. Ah Peen

    hallo… wa si ah peen, how to paticipate this live conversation ?

  7. shuahuan

    i found this today at yahoo search…
    i type in john ong…
    it come out in the top of the search list…

  8. kevin/taugeh

    wah surprise 2 have Astro PIC 2 invite u 2 the show…… Miku u will going 2 be famous lioa lor……..

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