PGHK #866 Tsò-Spa 做Spa

Let's talk about spa treatments of all types around the world. Are you into getting pampered at a spa? Follow me on: 👋 Clubhouse @JohnOng 👋 Penang Hokkien...

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PGHK #865 Khí-hiâu 起姣

We ventured into the bold and honest discussion about horniness aka sexual desires. Follow me on: 👋 Clubhouse @JohnOng 👋 Penang Hokkien Podcast Club 👋...

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PGHK #863 Hóo-nî-huât 虎年發

Celebrating the year of Tiger 2022 with different types of food and traditions. Join us for a 60-hour Open House with PGHK friends on Clubhouse. Go to Clubhouse Open House

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PGHK #861 Tiān-hué-tsuí-se 電火水稅

We discussed utility bills. Your electricity, water, internet, gas bills and more. How much do you spend every month? Follow me on: 👋 Clubhouse @JohnOng 👋 Penang...

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PGHK #860 Ian-tâu-bâ 嫣投峇

We are talking about good looking men! Do you have a specific type that you find attractive? Or are you like me, finding many types of men attractive? Follow me on: 👋...

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PGHK #859 Kau-jiông 鈎絨

We discussed knitting and crocheting with our in-house experts, Asam Laksa and Ong Bo Nioo Nioo. Follow me on: 👋 Clubhouse @JohnOng 👋 Penang Hokkien Podcast Club...

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PGHK #858 Jacky Cheung 張學友

This week we discussed the music of of Jacky Cheung. We also played many of PGHK listener’s top 10 favorite songs by Jacky over a few weeks on Clubhouse. We revealed which were the top 10 song picks. ...

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PGHK #856 Kee-tîng-ê-kòo-sū 家庭兮故事

We opened up and shared our own fascinating family stories to the world! Do you have more to share? Shall we do another episode? Follow me on: 👋 Clubhouse @JohnOng...

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PGHK #855 Lo̍h-seh 落雪

For us who are from the tropics, snow is a distant and romanticized idea. But what is the reality of winter and snow. That's what we talked about this week! Follow me on:...

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