PGHK #909 Tuā-muî-kuí 大門鬼

Mysterious figure at the front door only captured on CCTV. Bandung also verified the captured image with Alibaba. And few more other ghost stories. Follow me on: 👋...

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PGHK #908 Koh-tsài-khui-to 閣再開刀

Several PGHK family members recently had some surgeries that they would come share their experiences with us. Have you had surgeries before? What was your experience like?

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PGHK #905 Suán-tuā-kú 選大舉

Since this recording is done on the night of the election, we decided to talk about elections from different countries. Find out the similarities and differences. Follow me on:...

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PGHK #904 Tsuá-pit 紙筆

This week, we discussed stationeries and office equipment. A-Long and I are both obsessed with them. Follow me on: 👋 Clubhouse @JohnOng 👋 Penang Hokkien Podcast...

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PGHK #902 Mī-ku-ê-kòo-sū 2 麵龜兮故事 2

We continue on to the second part of this episode, letting all PGHK guests who spent some time with me, shared their unfiltered stories about their experience. Follow me on:...

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PGHK #901 Mī-ku-ê-kòo-sū 1 麵龜兮故事 1

Big thanks to all who treated me so well this September! But now, I invited all PGHK guests who spent some time with me to come share their honest experience with me tell their side of the stories about ME! Yes, the good, the quirky, and the bad! ...

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PGHK #899 Hái-lâm-lâng 海南人

We invited two popular PGHK Hainanese guests to share with us Hainanese language and culture. Follow me on: 👋 Clubhouse @JohnOng 👋 Penang Hokkien Podcast Club...

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