PGHK #857 Tsénn-kuí 井鬼

Moo Moo Gu shared his paranormal experience in a rice padi resort. Water lily & lotus ghost. Namsai shared an entity at a construction site. Haunted vehicle from Bukit Aman caused car accident. ...

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PGHK #848 Kuí-tē 鬼地

Haunted bungalows. Highways and portals of ghosts and spirits. Workplace ghost stories including offices and warehouse. Houses built on a plot of haunted land. Follow me on:...

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PGHK #842 Kong-tsú-kuí 公主鬼

A new clairvoyant guest shared many of her stories starting from her first experience seeing a European 3-year-old boy ghost named Clement. She also communicated with a girl ghost from China inside an urn. And many more new ghost stories. Guests: Lam Mun A Tsi, Leng...

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PGHK #838 Tshī-kuí-kiánn 飼鬼囝

Guests: Tau Gee, SIau Eng Ki, Nam Sai, Oo Ti Tu, Helicopter, Tshit Ho, Phu To Kiann, Puann Kiam Tinn, A Tsiu, Tsioh Sai, Hau Tiaunn A Long, Thoo Hue, Oo Niau, A Ther, Bai Tsheng, Bandung, Kha Tshiu, & Kuih Kodok. Dealing with the after life of miscarriages. Helping a...

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PGHK #837 Siàu-éng-kuí 肖影鬼

Paranormal activities around photos and paintings. Do you have photos you took with unexplained ghost images? Guests: Nam Sai, Oo Niau, A Ther, Hau Tiaunn A Long, Kha Tshiu, Bah Iu Phoh, Kuih Kodok, A Tsiu, Kiam Siam, Phu To Kiann, Bai Tsheng, Bandung, Thoo Hueh, A...

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PGHK #834 Pakcik-kuí Pakcik鬼

Road rage provoked by ghosts. Malay pakcik ghost. Orang bunian. Haunted youth counseling facilities in the US. Ghost appeared in car accident photos. Man being cursed by a ex's family. Guests: A Hok, Liang Kang Kang, Eng Kok Tiong, Kopi Susu, Tau Gee, Helicopter, Kang...

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