Penang Hokkien Romanisation System

Jul 16, 2021

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This system is provided and enhanced by Persatuan Bahasa Hokkien Pulau Pinang from the official romanisation system designed and promoted by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education, for Taiwanese Hokkien. The version that you find here is appropriately modified to record local pronunciation of Penang Hokkien.

It conveniently includes the special features and dialectal forms of Zhangzhou / Tsiang-tsiu variant commonly spoken in Penang or the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia, covering Penang, Perlis and Kedah states, and also several cities in Perak state where Hokkien is also widely spoken.

There are efforts by different activists to preserve Penang Hokkien today, the language is experiencing a tremendous revolution in which the writing system using Traditional Chinese characters is being standardised, and also the romanisation system is being made consistent, to benefit the native speakers and learners in facilitating an effective communication. Thus, below chart will continue to be perfected from time to time. What you see here, is Chinese version updated as of 15 Sep 2020.

The English version is being adapted and will be made available soon. Thank you.

A couple of our podcast episodes were recorded to discuss and walk through the romanisation system with listeners. Get yourself familiar with the PDF or JPG, and listen to these episodes.

PGHK #537 Siá Hok-kiàn (寫福建)
PGHK #822 Póo-si̍p-siá-Hok-kiàn 補習寫福建 

Components of this system:

  • Consonants
  • Syllables (Open, Nasals, Finals)
  • Tones

Download the PDF chart in Mandarin.

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Hokkien Romanisation Lessons

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🎙 July 3, 2021 Clubhouse Recording

Lesson conducted on Clubhouse on July 3, 2021. Topic: 音頭 Im-thâu(Initials)



Im-bué #1 & #2
(Finals #1 & 2)

🎙 July 10, 2021 Clubhouse Recording

Lesson conducted on Clubhouse on July 10, 2021. Topic: 音尾 Im-bué #1 & #2 (Finals #1 & #2)



Im-bué #3 & #4
(Finals #3 & 4)

🎙 July 17, 2021 Clubhouse Recording (Coming Soon)

Lesson conducted on Clubhouse on July 17, 2021. Topic: 音尾 Im-bué #3 & #4 (Finals #3 & #4)