PGHK #854 Tshuì-khí 喙齒

We discussed dental oral hygiene and what we do to take care of our gums and teeth. Let me know if you think I'm overly obsessed with my teeth? Follow me on: 👋 Clubhouse...

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PGHK #852 Aaron Kwok 郭富城

We discussed the career of Aaron Kwok from music to film. What are some of your favorite songs and film of his? Follow me on: 👋 Clubhouse @JohnOng 👋 Penang...

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PGHK #850 Tâng-o̍h 同學

We discussed relationships with our old schoolmates and classmates. Do you look forward to seeing them today? Do you ever wonder what their lives are today? Do you still keep in touch with each other? ...

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PGHK #849 Iòng-sim-khioh-sâm-pá 用心抾儳㞎

We discussed recycling rubbish and waste in Penang. Our special guests from Penang Green Council shared many tips and information, and all that in Penang Hokkien! Visit Penang...

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PGHK #847 Anita Mui 梅艷芳

On October, 10, we celebrated Anita Mui's birthday by inviting some big fans of hers to share their obsessions of this music legend and icon. We also played through some of her hits and discussed her career and her sad passing. ...

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ASMR has been a huge phenomenon for a while now on YouTube. This week, we talk all about this rather interesting genre and the science behind ASMR. ATTENTION: Best listened with a pair of headphones! ...

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PGHK #843 Tún-huè 躉貨

Do you stock up on supplies? Are you finding it hard to let go of physical things? Are you a hoarder? Find out more in this episode. Follow me on: 👋 Clubhouse @JohnOng...

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PGHK #842 Kong-tsú-kuí 公主鬼

A new clairvoyant guest shared many of her stories starting from her first experience seeing a European 3-year-old boy ghost named Clement. She also communicated with a girl ghost from China inside an urn. And many more new ghost stories. Guests: Lam Mun A Tsi, Leng...

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