PGHK #921 Hân-kok-kuí 韓國鬼

Headmaster A Long shared with us some weird things that happened to him recently at his home in Korea and several other ghost stories. Follow me on: 👋 Clubhouse @JohnOng...

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PGHK #920 Thau-thau-sóng 偷偷爽

This week, we removed all reservations and shared our deepest guilty pleasures. You can't miss what we shared! Follow me on: 👋 Clubhouse @JohnOng 👋 Penang...

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PGHK #919 Tsia̍h-tshài-tsia̍h-bah 食菜食肉

We discussed eating meat and plant-based food. Why do you like or dislike a certain meats or vegetables. Follow me on: 👋 Clubhouse @JohnOng 👋 Penang Hokkien...

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PGHK #918 Gâu-tsò-ài-tsêng 敖做愛情

This week we had honest, yet fun, conversations about being a good lover and partner in a relationship. From the hot passionate love in the beginning until the more mature love of mutual understanding, respect, and companionship. ...

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PGHK #917 Pûn-tuānn 貧憚

Are you a lazy person? We shared things that we are too lazy to work on. Is everyone a little lazy at some things? Follow me on: 👋 Clubhouse @JohnOng 👋 Penang...

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PGHK #916 Láu-tshian 老千

We continue this week's podcast with more scammer stories from fake beauty products to people who would borrow money from everyone but never pay back! And many other scam stories! ...

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PGHK #912 Sim-lí-kiān-khong 心理健康

Even though the topic of mental health has become less of a taboo subject, there are still a lot we can learn. This week we spend time to discuss mental wellness and how to start taking care of our mental illness. Thanks to our guests from Carpe Diem Counseling....

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November 2023