PGHK #195 Gin-A Hee (囡仔戏) We are walking down the memory lane and visited with all the shows that we used to watch as children. From TV shows to movies in the theatre. Share your experience with us too. Baja Hitam Thundercats (((DOWNLOAD...

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Recording Saturday Night April 25. 9PM.

Come join Penang Hokkien Podcast recording session: Date: April 25, 2009 Time: Starting 9PM Topics: Mother Dentists Missing Penang Ghost Stories HOW TO REGISTER: Go over to Penang Hokkien Forum. or Send a tweet to either @JohnOng or @PenangHokkien (Make sure to put...

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PGHK #194 Picnic This week we discussed what we love to do in Penang, going picnic. Do you you still do it today? What food do you usually bring with you to a picnic? Are you a beach person or a taman bungah person? LIsten to what...

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PGHK #193 Chang Ek (沯浴) If you had issues with the download, please try it again. I have updated the file to mono, and it should be half the size. Minta maaf. This week we have our guests talk about taking baths. From giving babies a bath...

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PGHK #192 Hor Kui Tuey (互鬼缀) If you think that last week's ghost stories were scary. Then you should probably listen to this episode during the day. It's probably one of the scariest stories I have heard so far. Jepun Tauhu's tangkai:...

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