PGHK Tham Chiak: Lao San Dong Bak Kut Teh This week PGHK Tham Chiah Kui went to sample Lao San Dong Bak Kut Teh. Click on images below to see more and larger pictures. Food: Lao San Dong Bak Kut Teh Vanue: Jalan Raja Uda Business Hour: Daily 5:00pm - 10pm,...

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PGHK #269 Tham Chiah (贪食) I have been encouraging my listeners to go out and record their food adventure. And when they found something good, I want them to record their food outings. This time, a bunch of our PGHK Tham Chiah Kui (贪食鬼) go out...

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PGHK #268 Chap Go· (十五) The ways we celebrate Chap Go· Me· is so different these days compared to my childhood. We discussed the differences in mooncakes, lanterns, and mooncake festival celebrations. If everything goes well, I am planning...

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PGHK #267 Puei Ki Kui (飞机鬼) This month's ghost stories are back. This time, we have a new special guest telling us about ghost in places that you rarely think as being haunted. You will probably think of airports and airplanes differently now....

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Next Recording: Saturday 9PM

Come join us for our recording this Saturday. Date: September 11, 2010 Time: Starting at 9PM Topics: Introducing new show "Tam Chiah" Chap Goh (Mooncake Festival) Kong Ko Kua (Jingles from TV advertisements) Ghost Please leave me your Skype ID (your nickname) and what...

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PGHK #266 Ketiak This topic came about in an interesting way. Due to popular demand, I had to change my originally scheduled topic to talk about ketiak. Find out why. Also listen to our discussions about deodorants, body odor, hair...

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