PGHK #334 Chang Ek 3 (沯浴 3) Guests: Tu Nui, Tam Chiah Po, Siau Eng Kiaⁿ, Sam Pat Po, WiwiWawa, Ang Mo· Tan, Bo Mo· Peh, & Lau Kau Kiaⁿ We continue our discussion about bathing. Find out what Sam Pat Poh's grandmother's gas heater is like. Also,...

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PGHK #333 Chang Ek 2 (沯浴 2) Guests: Tam Chiah Po, Siau Eng Kiaⁿ, Sam Pat Po, WiwiWawa, Ang Mo· Tan, Bo Mo· Peh, & Lau Kau Kiaⁿ Find out about our bathing routine. Do you shower in the morning? Or night? Listen to us share our stories from...

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Recording this Saturday. Starting at 9PM.

Topics: Getting new glasses (Cho Bak KNia) Ghost End of the world 2012 Tech show: iPod Leave me your Skype ID and topics of your choice if you want to be a guest. You will also find the live link here on this page on the day of recording. See you this Saturday!

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PGHK #332 Ka Chiah Kui (岡脊鬼) Guests: Jippun Lau-i, Sampat Po·, Ang Mo· Chiau, Siau Kiaⁿ. Our old favorite Jitpun Lau-i comes back to share her stories from her mother's funeral. This is one of the scariest stories I heard here. Siau Kiaⁿ shared...

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PGHK #331 Gama (加马) Guests: Gama Poh, Sam Pat Po, Bo Mo· Peh, Siau Kiaⁿ, Ang Mo· Tan, & Lau Kau Kia. I invited @L4dy_Gama to talk to us about Gama Supermarket. Unfortunately, I haven't heard back from them since the show. So, no...

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PGHK #330 Huei Ke (火鸡) Guest: Maggie Mee My long-time friend, Maggie Mee came to the USA to visit me and another friend, Khong Liap. Maggie Mee chats with me about her first USA trip and experience. Find out why she is phong hong....

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PGHK #329 Tua Tiao (大条) Guests: Ang Mo· Tan, Lau Kau Kiaⁿ, Siau Kiaⁿ, & Ang Mo· Chiau We discussed the future and current options of broadband in Malaysia. Of course we have to give it Hokkien name, and we came up with Tua Tiau! Enjoy!...

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PGHK #328 Siri Guests: Bo Mo· Peh, Lau Kau Kiaⁿ, Tu Nui, WiwiWawa, Ang Mo· Tan, & Tham Chiah Po. A follow-up episode to talk about the new iPhone. Since our recording, the iPhone 4S has been officially released in Singapore. We...

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PGHK #327 Yap Ah Loy Kui (叶亚来鬼) Guests: Tau Hua and Sampat Poh. This week we have bonus ghost story episode for all the ghost stories lovers. Two guests shared their personal experience with us. Some in their own homes, some in their relatives'...

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The very first podcast entirely in Penang style Hokkien. Funny and casual chats with no topic restrictions. We talk about things that you will only share with your closest friends. May contain Adult Content and Language. Minor please consult your parents.What does EXPLICIT tag means?

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