Recording & Live show Saturday

Topics for this Saturday's recording: 1. Phah Chiauⁿ (Robbery) 2. Ghost 3. iTunes & Apple TV in Malaysia 4. Kuku Bird Click on the Google+ icon on the right side panel and add PGHK page to your account. I'll be broadcasting with Hangout and guests will join using...

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PGHK #360 Hokkien vs Hokkien ((( iPhone & iPad users CLICK HERE to LISTEN ))) Guests: Ah Long, Niau Kiaⁿ, WiwiWawa, Bak Kuaⁿ, Tua Pau Sien, Kita Peng Iu, Bo Mo·, Chhau Tau, Belacan Ke·, Haisom, & Liu Lian I. This week our headmaster, Ah Long,...

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PGHK #359 Liu Lien Tang (榴蓮登) ((( iPhone & iPad users CLICK HERE to LISTEN ))) Guests: Hai Som, Ang Mo· Tan, Belacan Ke, Chhau Tau, Cola Kuan, Kita Peng Iu, Pong Hong, Bah Kuaⁿ, Lim Pe. Have you had your durians this durian season? We talked...

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PGHK #358 Ang Tu Ngeh Kui (紅箸挾鬼) ((( iPhone & iPad users CLICK HERE to LISTEN ))) Guests: Ang Mo· Tan, Bak Kuaⁿ, Sambai Belacan, Puki Phong Pha, & Kita Peng Iu. More scary ghost stories from some old and new customer. What will you do if one of your...

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PGHK #357 Kho Ho·k Kien (考福建) ((( iPhone & iPad users CLICK HERE to LISTEN ))) Guests: He· Ko· & Hang Hu I always enjoy hanging out with niece and nephews. Recently I get to drag my nephew "Hang Hu" and niece "He· Ko·" into the studio and have...

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