PGHK #749 Kuí-tsē Uber (鬼坐Uber)

Old bird, Tsheng Tsi is back to share with us what to do when encountered ghosts. New stories about ghosts taking a ride in an Uber and hotel ghosts. Guests: Tsheng Tsi, Oo Ti Tu, Hau Tiaunn, Moo Moo Gu, Be Sai Kong, Si Bak Kau, Putu Mayam, Helicopter, & Ju Ling....

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PGHK #748 Hué-ke-ji̍t (火雞日)

My childhood friend visited me for Thanksgiving this year, and we sat down to talk all about this American holiday. Guests: Maggie Mee Shop for your PGHK T-shirts. Only a few...

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PGHK #747 Khui-to (開刀)

Sharing our experience from our surgeries. Wiwi Wawa's story is so dramatic. You cannot miss! Guests: Wiwi Wawa, Moo Moo Gu, Wiwi Wawa, & Be Sai Kong. Shop for your PGHK...

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PGHK #746 Samban Tuā-ông (Samban大王)

How many traffic or parking summons have you kena? Find out who is the king of summons from this episode! You can't believe how many samban this person has! Guests: Be Sai Kong, Moo Moo Gu, Wiwi Wawa, Si Bak Kau, Putu Mayam, Ki Kuan Tsheng, & Hiaunn Koo. ...

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PGHK #745 Koh-Tsài Pantang (復再Pantang)

We discussed the subject of pantang and khián-sńg (遣爽) with various generations of guests. Guests: Tsheng Tsi, Peh Moo Lau I, Si Bak Kau, Oo Ti Tu, Eng Kok Tiong, Tau Gee, Hau Tiaunn, Huann Hinn, Luan Luan Lai, Kim Tsua, & Jiu Hu Tsha. ...

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