PGHK #743 Tsuá-jī (紙字)

We talked MONEY! The actual paper bills of various currencies. Guests: Si Bak Kau, Moo Moo Gu, & Be Sai Kong. Shop for your PGHK T-shirts. Only a few shirts left.

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PGHK #742 Kiat-lîng-á-ang-kong (吉寧仔尪公)

We discussed Hinduism by all of us who aren't Hindu. What do you know about Hinduism? Guests: Moo Moo Gu, Si Bak Kau, & Putu Mayam. Shop for your PGHK T-shirts. Only a few...

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PGHK #741 Tsuá-kuí 2 (紙鬼2)

This is the second part of a two-part ghost stories. Ketupat shared what he saw on the highway rest stop including photos he took of what he saw. Guests: Katak Puru, Moo Moo Gu, Ketupat, Tek Ga Ki, Tu Kiann, Si Bak Kau, A Han, Puann Kiam Tinn, Oo Ti Tu, & Be Sai Kong....

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PGHK #740 Tsuá-kuí 1 (紙鬼1)

Some old birds came back to retell some of their old ghost stories. This is first of the two-part episodes. A-Han's unborn brother came back to her dream and many more stories.

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About PGHK

The very first podcast entirely in Penang style Hokkien. Funny and casual chats with no topic restrictions. We talk about things that you will only share with your closest friends. May contain Adult Content and Language. Minor please consult your parents.What does EXPLICIT tag means?

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