PGHK #806 Jī-khòng-jī-khòng 二〇二〇

Before the arrival of 2021, we all gathered and vented about how horrible 2020. We also tried to find the silver linings of 2020. Guests: Wiwi Wawa, Kiam Suinn Tinn, Eng Kok Tiong, Asam Laksa, Hau Tiaunn A Long, Bo Moo Peh, Si Bak Kau, Leng Thau Moo Tsit Trau, Be Sai...

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PGHK #805 Sèng-tàn-tshiū 聖誕樹

We discussed the origin, the various types, and how we decorate our Christmas trees. Guests: Eng Kok Tiong, Botak Hong, Hau Tiaunn A Long, A Han, Si Bak Kau, Puann Kiam Tinn, Asam Laksa, Siam Kiann, Siau Po, Leng Thau Moo Tsit Tiau, Boo Moo Peh, Oo Ti Tu, Tau Gee, &...

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PGHK 2021 Countdown Party

Penang Hokkien Podcast is throwing a virtual PGHK 2021 Countdown Party. Come join us! This is NOT a recording. Just hanging out! So, don't be shy, even if you haven't been on the recording! Register Now

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PGHK #804 Kuí-bong-kha-thuí (鬼摸骹腿)

Our guests shared their ghost encounters at home, at work, and at school. Guests: Hau Tiaunn A Long, Eng Kok Tiong, Kha Tshuinn Tiann, Puann Kiam Tinn, Pah Lin Tau, Moo Moo Gu, Leng Thau Moo Tsit Tiau, Asam Laksa, Wiwi Wawa, Oo Ti Tu, Boo Moo Peh, Si Bak Kau, Kiam...

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PGHK #803 Láu-kóng-ko (老廣告)

We walked down memory lane and tried to recall some old TV advertisements and jingles. Tell us what did we miss. Guests: Siam Kiann, Moo Moo Gu, Asalm Laksa, Wiwi Wawa, Puann Kiam Tinn, Hau Tiaunn A Long, Be Sai Kong, Si Bak Kau, Jagung, Bo Moo Peh, & Leng Thau Moo....

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PGHK #802 Bah-kut-têe (肉骨茶)

We have a special guest whose family ran a popular bah-kut-têe business, Seng Kee, for decades. Ang Tsi Tsi is here to share the recipe and cooking method. Do you like Singaporean-style bah-kut-têe? Guests: Ang Tsi Tsi, Oo Ti Tu, Bo Moo Peh, Leng Thau Moo, Puann Kiam...

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PGHK #801 Kuí-tiâu-thian-hua-pán (鬼牢天花板)

USM hostel ghost stories. Haunted Korean officetel, selling haunted properties, and many more! Guests: Kha Tsuinn Thiann, Moo Moo Gu, Hau Tiaunn A Long, Be Sai Kong, Leng Thau Moo, Si Bak Kau, Oo Ti Tu, Tau Gee, A Han, Phah Lin Tau, Asam Laksa, Wan Than Mi, Sambai...

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PGHK #800 Ànn-thâu-tóng (躽頭黨)

For episode 800 of PGHK, we talked about how obsessed we are with our handphones. We also get to meet a few brand new special guests! Guests: Si Bak Kau, Moo Moo Gu, Hau Tiaunn A Long, Eng Kok Tiong, Tsioh Sai, Siau Poo, Puann Kiam Tinn, Tau Gee, A Han, Leng Thau Moo,...

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PGHK #799 Khùn-bāng (睏夢)

When you wake up in the morning, do you remember any of your dreams? What do dreams mean? That's what we discussed in this week's episode. Guests: Moo Moo Gu, Asam Lakesa, Si Bak Kau, Hau Tiaunn A Long, Be Sai Kong, & Leng Thau Moo. ...

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PGHK #798 Ngiau (貓)

We talked about about cats! Including a cat museum in Penang called Meowseum. Are you a dog or cat person? Do you expect cats to act like dogs? Guests: Bah Kian, Oo Ti Tu, Si Bak Kau, Hau Tiaunn A Long, Ang Moo Tan, Tua Moo Koo, Sambai Belacan Phue Kiam Hu, A Han, Tau...

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The very first podcast entirely in Penang style Hokkien. Funny and casual chats with no topic restrictions. We talk about things that you will only share with your closest friends. May contain Adult Content and Language. Minor please consult your parents.What does EXPLICIT tag means?

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