PGHK #832 Netflix

We discussed Netflix shows. What's your favorite? Share your recommendations with us! Guests: Eng Kok Tiong, Kopi Susu, Tau Gee, Hau Tiaunn A Long, Puann Kiam Tinn, Mua Tsi Tsi, Khong Khong Kiann, Thoo Hueh, Wiwi Wawa, Phu To Tsuan, Si Bak Kau, Po Po, Kin Tau, Siau...

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PGHK #831 Si-kù 詩句

We recalled and recited Hokkien poems we learned as children. We also learned some new ones from this website: Guests: Lam Mun A Tsi, Eng Kok Tiong, Oo Ti Tu, Tau Gee, Liang Kang Kang, Hau Tiaunn A Long, Tsham...

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PGHK #830 Kuí-tsia̍h-kám 鬼食柑

Exciting and scary new ghost stories, including a nurse sharing her ghost encounters at work, church camp attendees encountered a Malay ghost, ghost eating orange in someone's bedroom, hotel female ghost and more. Guests: Liang Kang Kang, Tsioh Sai, Eng Kok Tiong, Tau...

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PGHK #829 Lāi-bīn-sann-té-khòo 內面衫短褲

We discussed all sorts of underwear. Find out why some people like a certain types of underwear and some don't even wear any! Guests: Lam Mun A Tsi, Tau Gee, Ki Kuan Tsheng, Eng Kok Tiong, Asam Laksa, Si Bak Kau, Puann Kiam Tinn, WiwiWawa, Sambai Belacan Phuei Kiam...

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