PGHK #90 Lao Hi Tai (老戏台) Guests: Ah Leng (Dragon), Laksa, Atupek, Pek Lu Lu, Bak Kut Teh We invited guests of various generations to talk about their stories regarding old cinema theatres. Share your experience with us in the comment area or...

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PGHK #89 Rojak Teng Lang Ua (Rojak 唐人话) Guests: Taugeh, Ah Leng, Kim Mo, Atupek & Laksa This week we talk about broken Mandarin. Mandarin that is heavily influenced by Hokkien. Even if you are not Chinese educated, you might be able to get the jokes too....

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Next Recording: April 21, 2007 Saturday Night

Go to our forum following the link below, and put your name there (you may have to register if you are not yet registered in the forum): Tentative Topics: Art Classes in School Ah John, What Topic? Ghost Stories Put...

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PGHK #88 Ciak Juak Ciak Leng (食热食冷) Guests: Lelong and Pek Lu Lu We discussed about heaty and cooling foods according to Malaysian culture. Of course, we also get pull back and forth from one topic to another by my current favorite guest, Pek Lu Lu. I...

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Next Recording April 14, 2007. Morning.

All the time and dates listed are in Malaysian time. (If you don't want to be a guest, you can also listen to the recording LIVE. I'll put the live feed on this site. Come back here during the time of recording for the feed.) April 14, 2007. Saturday. 9am to 12pm....

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PGHK #87 Choh Guek Lai (做月内) Guests: Katakpuru & Tua Pui Poh Thanks to two of our listeners who generously and honestly sharing their maternity confinement experience in our Chinese customs. I'm sure some of you would have your own stories to...

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PGHK #86 Cheng Beng (清明) Guests: Tua Pui Poh & Ah Toh Pek We have two new guests this week to talk about Cheng Beng. I'm sure many of you have already been to the cemetery or will be going this week. Since I grew up a Christian, I didn't...

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