PGHK #169 Gina Garden Guests: Sai Jit Puk, Ang Moh Kin Cheo & Boh Boh Cha Cha Kindergarten is what we talked about this week. We also two brand new guests. And check out the song that I used to sing in kindergarten. The "Bangau oh Bangau"...

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Next Recording: Saturday 25-10-08. Starting 9PM.

I hope you can join us for our recording either as a guest or a live-recording listener. Date: 25-10-2008 Time: Starting 9PM Topics: Kindergarten Broken English SPM Ghost stories CLICK HERE to register as a guest for one or more topics above. Get more information on...

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PGHK #168 Sotong Kui Ghost story of the month is back. Listen to Roti Guan sharing his experience with the supernatural in his military training camp. And more stories of ghost encounters in bungalows on Penang Hill. Mark your calendar,...

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PGHK #167 Buak Hoon Tiam En Chee Guests: Roti Guan, Sai Chi Buk, Tek Lu Knia, Kampui, Gatai & Wiwiwawa. Men and women joined together and discussed about make and facial. Laugh and learn with me and my guests. (((DOWNLOAD AUDIO FILE)))

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Coming Soon

Sorry for the delay. I'm out of town, the latest episode of PGHK will be delayed for a day or two. Please come back tomorrow.

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PGHK #166 Chiak Chai Guests: Sotong, Ah Leng, Gatai, Roti Guan & Kampui Here we are again back to 9 Ong Eah. Find out how my guests celebrate and observe this special season. What kind of vegetarian food do you like? And what it means to...

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