PGHK #226 Pang Keh Lai Liao (放假来了) As school holiday is approaching, we discussed what we like to do during school holidays. Different generations of the listeners have different activities that they do. Find out which guest has a super laugh! Hope...

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PGHK #225 Ai Cheng (爱情) We are so happy to have a new bird and two very OLD OLD Bird back to the show! What could be better than talking about relationship and love from new and old listeners. Listen to the show and share your own opinion...

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PGHK #224 Ji Pang Kui (二房鬼) We are back for another episode of ghost stories. We talked about WiwiWawa's 2nd bedroom. Ghosts in China. Have you heard ghost knocking on your door? One of guests' parents did. (((DOWNLOAD AUDIO FILE)))

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Recording Saturday Night

Date: November 14, 2009 Time: Starting at 9PM Topics: Ai Cheng (Love - 爱情) Pang Keh Lai Liao (School Holiday is coming - 放假来了) Beh Chiah (Buy Car - 买车) Ghost Stories Please sign up and give me your Skype IDs and nicknames. Tell me which topic(s) you want to join. You...

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PGHK #223 Chiak Chau Chau (食臭臭) This week we discussed about stinky food. Food that you like because it's sticky and food that you hate because it smells horrible. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, some came be said for stinky food. Share your...

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PGHK #222 Pak Toh 2 (拍拖2) Due to popular demand, we are bringing back the topic of "Pak Toh" or dating. Everyone has their own experience or lack of experience to share. I'm sure you'll find some of our stories sweet, and some hilarious, and...

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