PGHK #225 Ai Cheng (爱情)

Nov 23, 2009 | Podcast | 13 comments

We are so happy to have a new bird and two very OLD OLD Bird back to the show! What could be better than talking about relationship and love from new and old listeners. Listen to the show and share your own opinion about love. Perhaps you can even pick up some tips on how to be a good husband, wife or life partner.



  1. Guleng chi


    I miss ah Tox and Lau Ee so much.. LOL

  2. Braxis

    I love this too! because I love Jit Pun Lau Ee so much 🙂

  3. TK

    support jit pun lau ee!

  4. AussieAhChee

    Very enjoyable topic…..thank you for sharing your valuable experience on Ai Cheng …..Jit Pun Lau Ee….

  5. Tordaojam

    Didn’t get to talk much coz I have the least experience in Ai Cheng as compared to the two “lao jiao”…but learn a lot from two of my PGHK Idol – Jepunlauee and ah tox!!….haha…

  6. KC Petai

    totally respect ah tox and jepun lau ee ….. especially ah tox …. even oledi old …… still so loving …. oops ….. wrong word …. oledi senior … i agree with ah tox that house work needs to be shared by husband and wife ….. surprise is good to colorize married life …. haha

  7. ahKOK

    aunty, love is blind…agree!!! haha that’s why we have a song, titled “LOVE IS BLIND”…haha

    Last time>>> Bus Stop
    now>> Shopping Mall!

    different liao …

  8. HaiSom

    WOWOW, that day listened to the live show d, but now listen back also shiookkkk

  9. phong hong

    Welcome back Jepunlauee!!!!!!! I am a fan of yours and I am still waiting for Lao Chi Bai part 2 hah..hah..hah…Anyway, I enjoyed the Ai Cheng topic and I learn something from it. John, you have such a romantic life partner, you are so lucky. And Ah Tox…wow…you can be a love guru.

  10. Siao Cha Bor

    yea. agree with JLE. hope to meet ah tox in next life also. haha.

  11. leng bo

    love sometime is = suffer

  12. leng bo

    John,why dun u talk about ? muz be very syok..

  13. tau kua kia

    gam xia …..for good experience sharing…

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