PGHK #304 Ponteng Guests: Chhin Chhai & Liulian Thau Thanks to Jes for pointing out that the file wasn't complete. I have re-upload the entire show. It is amazing what we did when we were young to get away from school. Find out to...

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PGHK #303 Chiah Koe (食粿) Guests: Xiamen Ah Long & WiwiWawa Don't forget to use your headphone for the full effect. This is the last part of our visit to the 7th Street Market. We visited a Nyonya Kuih stalls and bought a bunch of kuih. We...

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PGHK #302 Chhit Tiau Lo· Sio Bah (七条路烧肉) Guests: Xiamen Ah Long & WiwiWawa Continueing from last week's recording, we get to actually visit the famous Mei Rong Siang Sio Bah (美蓉香烧肉). Her sio bah is SO SO SO good. Please visit her and tell you that you heard...

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PGHK #301 Chhue Ban San (揣万山) Guests: Xiamen Ah Long and WiwiWawa. Got lost, and finding our way back to Chhit Tiau Lo· Ban San. Also talking to some people at the market. When I get more photos from Ah Long, I will post them here. (((DOWNLOAD...

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PGHK #300 Bo Kau Khun (无够困) Guests: Peh Chhiau, Cha Mi, Sim Tiaⁿ, Tua Bin, Ko· Ka Nya, Lau Kau Kiaⁿ, Bo Mo Peh, Chha Puiⁿ, Kam Pui, Hai Som, Tua Bak, Huan-a Kiaⁿ, Huan-a Sun, Tua Leng, Tua Pui Ong, Si Niau, & WiwiWawa. We are back to First...

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