PGHK #339 Sin Sin Chiaⁿ (新新正) Guests: Kun Chui Kuan, Tua Liap Tau, Huaⁿ Hiⁿ, Lai Lai Ki Ki, Ang Mo Tan, Iau Si, Tua Pui Kiaⁿ, Xiau Kiaⁿ, & Lo· Mi. We discussed what's changed in what we do for Chinese New Year. New Chinese New Year songs and new...

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PGHK #338 Lau Sin Chiaⁿ (老新正) Guests: Huaⁿ Hiⁿ, Lai Lai Ki Ki, Ai Lap Iu, Iau Si, Tua Liap Tau, Tua Pui Kiaⁿ, & Ang Mo· Tan. I felt so lucky to be able to welcome and celebrate the new year of dragon with so many of my listeners. New birds and...

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Recording Saturday Night 9PM. CNY & Live!

Topics: (No ghost topics. It's our custom to not talk about ghost during CNY. But it'll be back as soon as Chap Go· Me is over!) Lau Sin Chiaⁿ (CNY olden days) Sin Sin Chiaⁿ (CNY modern days) Sio Huan (Hawker food) Bo Tian (No electricity) Leave me your Skype ID and...

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PGHK #337 Bak Kiaⁿ (目镜) Guests: Katakpuru, Haisom, Ang Mo· Tan, Ang Mo Chiau, Bo Mo· Peh, Tua Pui Kiaⁿ, & Tua Pui Po. This week each of our guest shared their stories about their own pair, or pairs, or spectacles. Send me a picture of your...

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PGHK #336 iPod Guests: WiwiWawa, Bo Mo· Peh, Ang Mo· Tan, Hai Som, & Ah Chew. This week, our Tian Ki Tiam brought us the topic of iPod. We revisited the history of iPod and talked about which iPod have you had before. And perhaps...

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PGHK #335 2012 Se Kai Buei Jit (世界尾日) Guests: Tua Pui Kiaⁿ, I-Bo-Leng, Haisom, Momogu, WiwiWawa, Ang Mo· Tan, Bo Mo· Peh, & Siau Kiaⁿ. Of course this is Penang Hokkien Podcast. We're not going to talk about the regular new year topic of 2012. We are...

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