Saturday Night Recording. Jan 9. 10PM.

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Date: January 9, 2009
Time: Starting at 10PM


  1. Choh Kueh, Chiak Kueh (Make New Year Kuih, Eat New Year Kuih) – Pantang, cannot talk ghost around CNY season.
  2. Beh Syiok 2
  3. Sien Si Liao (Bored to Death)
  4. Beh Sin Snah (Buy New Clothes for CNY)

Please sign up and give me your Skype IDs and nicknames (even if you have joined the show before). Tell me which topic(s) you want to join. You can join more than one, or all.


  1. tordaojam

    Ah John, put me as backup for “Beh Syok 2” and “Sien Si Liao”……not sure whether i have lots of things to kap siao boh, anyway, will try to show up….
    ID: tordaojam


  2. bakewe

    Count me in:

    Topic : Sien Si Liao (Bored to Death)

    Skype: saveray

  3. Mo Tang

    below insects will join “Beh Syiok 2” topic….thanks for tutoring on how 2 join podcast in your previous comment.
    MoTang (caterpillar) –> Skype id: billion8479
    BeePang (bee) –> Skype id: Beepangz
    ChaoMehKong (grasshopper) –> Skype id: mikified

    “no see no break” ya!!!

  4. namsai

    I’m ok with all but only join around 12am..

  5. ChaoMehKong

    its “milkified”,
    nvm, you already got me in your contact… ^^

  6. Xiamen Ah Long

    I want to join. I want to join.

    Can the 做粿 session go 1st if my aunt were to join us ? She’s our family guru in all the 新正粿 making. I would like to have her tell us tricks and share some experiences. Make our podcast an educational one, too !

  7. Miku John

    Ah Long, I just changed the time for your aunty.
    All other guests, please take note of the new sequence of the show. I brought the last topic up to the first and pushed everything down.

  8. ChaoMehKong


  9. Pu Toh Kia

    ah john i will like to join the Beh Syiok 2 and Sien Si Liao (Bored to Death)
    my skype is :salome1094

  10. Hor Sin

    me also gang member from insects…

    I like to join “Beh Syiok 2″also…

    Please add me in…

    My Skype ID is tanchinsiang (Hor Sin –> Fly or RainGod)

  11. Ah-bin

    Can’t get to this one because i have to work night shift…phaiN-se lah.

  12. Tua Pui Kia

    John will try to pop up by the time U start recording but dunno how is the stream tut tut can go smoothly or not.

    Skype ID edward8168

    If U see me then we try to chat and see can or not la

  13. bakewe

    Great arrangement, that time topic 3 is up will probably about 12 midnight, i ngam ngam come back from karaoke session, can join for sure this round, ha ha….

  14. HaiSom

    YoYoYo, shiok LO!

  15. Xiamen Ah Long


    Blogspot was blocked in China but I got this proxy thing to see your website. Wow, you can express yourself better than many Penangites I know ! Please continue to write your story ! And I wish to chat with you one day soon !

  16. wiwiwawa

    sien si liao…… good topic, as i am from the very sienzzzz eh class…. so i should join sien si liao……

  17. bobo

    how come u all sign up for shows that already done last year har??

  18. Miku John

    Probably because different guests will bring different stories, even to the same subjects. 🙂

  19. SanKiuKiu

    I wanna join all topic tonite~ Kekekeke…
    John, my skyppe id is irene-khoo 🙂

  20. Bobo

    Look at the date above john..OMG..haha

  21. Miku John

    LOL. Oh you meant 2009. I lomoh already!

  22. MotoLeng

    john i want join at all and may be my mom can talk about new year part ! 🙂

  23. MotoLeng

    ai yah too long time no join PGHK liao la !

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