PGHK# 255 Chhit Chan Lau Kui (七栈楼鬼)

Jun 21, 2010 | Ghost Stories, Podcast | 12 comments

The long awaited ghost stories episode is back. We tried to analyze the weird sound reported by some listeners in Penang Hokkien’s Facebook page. Lelong talked about the disturbance he encountered during our previous recording that caused him to withdraw himself. WiwiWawa also shared his stories about his mom’s experience in a room on an exclusive hotel room.



  1. chao hu

    kia si arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. HokkienChar

    it is called Histeria!!!
    Mass trance among of group of people!!!




  4. giga

    Malays believe “those” enter the lady body as mentioned in this episode are known as “jin”… For Malays, “jin” and “hantu” are two different things. Malays consider “jin” as another type of “mahluk” like human being.

  5. TaoCui

    at nite listen to pg hokkien ghost story really very scary ….mou kui chang..

  6. Miss Kang

    Aiyo very takut looooo. I downloaded this podcast and listened at night where I was home alone. Lagi listen lagi takut!!! But lagi takut I lagi want to listen. After listening I don’t dare to go to toilet and I was stucked in my room. Eventually I fell asleep.

    I love ghost story, when I saw there is a new podcast on ghost story I was so excited and happy. You guys are doing a great job, keep it going!!!

  7. kopisusu

    love Penang Hokkien esp the Ghost story part

  8. Or Bee

    I would like to share a story about upgraded hotel stay. Aiyo, there was once I went to Jakarta for work. I went with my boss, and each of us booked a room at a hotel (nearby a lake). Upon registering, the reception said hotel is full, and they will upgrade one of the rooms, and it was rather obvious they wanted to upgrade my boss’ room. Hearing that, my boss INSISTED he wanted only a normal room (ie if he can’t have a standard room, he will change hotel). With no choice, the reception ask me to take the upgraded room. And my “kind” boss alert me that previously our colleague was removed from his upgraded room by the “tenant”; and he had met with some shadows at the alley. God, with such “kind” advice I had stayed up al night with the lights on. The room was big, (as with all hotel rooms) the lights was dim, there were many mirrors at different angles giving one the perception of shadows /movement in the room, and worse still there were a coat stand by the figure of half body in the room. Afetr some time (past midnight) I dared not even look around. I lied in bed, closed my eye, pulled the blanket over me, stayed still, stayed awake throughout the night. That was my worst hotel stay ever ever ever.

  9. Xiamen Ah Long

    Aiyo, your boss so sue. Then how did you go to work the next day ? Must be very sleepy. You should come out to the programme and share ya. With a little screaming and background music, I am sure it will be another ear-catcher.

  10. Or Bee

    Yeah, I might, one of these days. I used to work at a new seaport and worked late, late, late. And I can sense these beings (some are ex-human ie ghost, some are never human, ie Jins). So got some fair share as well.

  11. phong hong

    John, the “Pontianak” (also know as “Langsuyar”) is the ghost of a woman who died while giving birth. Apparently, this ghost consist of just a head and internal organs. Its presence is usually accompanied by a high pitched laughter. The Malays believe that the Pontianak often appears in the home of women who just gave birth. It wants to steal the baby that it had lost. In the kampung, before a mother gives birth, they usually put thorny branches underneath the house so that the Pontianak’s entrails get tangled and it cannot harm the mother and child.

  12. ice

    ELAINE u get where i mean liao..

    is somewhere:
    they announce 2 time n the curtain can not open

    i know the other is sound effect

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