PGHK #81 Kim Tu Meh (金猪暝)

Feb 26, 2007 | Gatherings, Podcast | 12 comments

Thanks to all who attended. This show is for those who didn’t get to attend for one reason or another. Enjoy.

Thanks to CG Computers, IceIce Baby, SY Enterprise Sdn Bhd, and the planning committee for making the workshop and dinner a success. Hopefully the next big gathering will have double or triple the amount of people!

Check out a bunch of photos in this Golden Pig Flickr Set.
Penang Hokkien Golden Pig Reunion 2007



  1. Dragon

    a really fun night!!! have the chance to meet so many ppl…… unforgettable!!

  2. charbour

    it’s a memorable night for me. I am happy and glad to be part of the gathering as well… this is the start, wish the gathering stay alive and more to come

  3. YY

    Congrats to you all.Feel so sad can’t join such a big event..Anyway good job..Happy to see this successful gathering

  4. Miku John

    I’d love to see listeners from everywhere having their own gatherings. That’d be lovely!

  5. YY

    Wahhh like that arr.Then who ever that is in the Netherlands can mail me also la.Then we do our European Gardering for PH..Huuuray

  6. kim hu bak

    great job on the podcast, john! i thought you would have also record the part after i left (so that i’ll know what’s going on) but it seemed that you stop at the part i left (when the game began). i see the photos you people so happy posing for group photo at the makan table and in front of the sign but cannot get to hear what you people said. is there going to be a part 2?

    btw congrats for being featured in the star twice… and when will the reunion gathering pictures came out in the star i wonder. you seem to be popular with the star!

    oh and how’s the podcast at little penang street. i was there but in the late afternoon.

  7. Ang Ku Kueh

    A sweet memories still was in my mind, I enjoyed very much that night 🙂

  8. shua Hu

    1st of all, would like to thanks all the committee members who helping alot in organising this event. Thanks to CG, IceIce Baby & SY Entreprise for sponsoring this event.
    Also thanks to everyone of you who attended the workshop or dinner. Your present made the event brighter, more fun & joy.

    For those who say want to come but last minutes go to fly A380, thank you as well, because of you we got alot of food left and that is why we all eat until so full.

    kamsia kamsia kamsia

  9. shuahuan

    PGHK GOLDEN PIG GATHERING is my 2007 Chinese New Year Highlight…!!!

    i was like a “Super Fans” who following all the gathering & recording (which i know) from Chor 3 untill Chor 6,i am so lucky to meet some PGHK “RED” super star (Face to Face) and take photo with them too…

    Kimmor,Lap Cheong & Katapuru is planning to have a small gathering for those who stay in Kuala Lumpur soon…is it a GOOD NEWS to share???

  10. rain angel

    thanks for all the lovely pictures. a picture tells thousand words. can feel the atmosphere though i wasn’t there. just curious…where’s hiao hong riding on the lotus, and also K.E.? they were the very first (and famous) guests on PH…

  11. cili padi

    miss the chance of joining u all,busy with my new job which is my first job after my studies,hope will have the chance to meet up when the next gathering is held!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! for a job well done!!!

  12. Lao Garfield

    Adoi! I should be there also! Maybe next time! Bencinya! Gua Jealouslah :((

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