PGHK #85 Pak Toh (拍拖)

Mar 26, 2007 | Podcast | 18 comments

Guests: Ah Tox and Goo Ewe

Ah Tox and Goo Ewe shared their personal stories of their early dating stories. It’s sweet, silly, fun, and hilarious. I’m sure you have your own stories to share as well. Share with us in the comment section of this post.



  1. Goo Ewe

    Oh Gawd! I m so embarassed… I dont even sound like myself. It’s fun tho, and I hope you listeners enjoyed yourselves as well.
    Thanks for listening.
    Goo Ewe

  2. Goo Ewe

    Oh Gawd! I m so embarrased… I dont even sound sound life myself. I was laughing thru out the recording like a jackass but all of it has to be stifled / controlled. I hope you listeners have fun as well.
    Goo Ewe

  3. White Lulu

    My first kiss happened at KL lake garden. I went to meet my pen pal at UM. I just finished MCE and was on break. I had fun in KL. I dated two guys in three months. We can change the topics to dates before marriage. It will ends up a competition who has the most dates till he or she is tied down with the knots.

  4. kevin25

    It very funny 2 hear all ur story……. wah…. Miku laugh unstoped n loud also he he….. ya agree with all the way in 1st time used 4 dating….. hehe

  5. Ang Ku Kueh

    Haha… this show was hilarous… laugh untill “Pengz”… haha

    Ah Tox… U memang got many “Chao” akai hor…. haha… 🙂

    Anyway good job… a very nice & funny show 🙂

  6. Ah hua

    Holy-cow!!!! This is darn “Ho Chio”!!!!!! Very funny, I’ve laughed so much while listening to this show sampai I almost kena “Tarik” in the MRT train……worst part was that I have to hold back my laughter n pretended that I wasn’t laughing but no way I could do that!!!!! Those passengers knew that I was “Tarik-ing” as my whole body was jerking n shaking no matter how much I’ve tried to stay “cool” n “steady”………ha!!!!!
    I always thought that my show “Black Head” stories w Miku John was the funniest but I am utterly wrong when this episode came out!!!!!!….my most humble salute to “Ah Tox”!!!!! He cracked me up big time when he cursed ” 你妈的” soon after Miku John teased him that he is the oldest guest on the show!!!!!! ….very spontaneous indeed….I would have said the same thing too, : ) !!!!
    Damn!!!!! I was supposed to be on this show as Miku John’s guest but due to my “tardiness” , hence I’ve missed it……It would be more fun n “juicy” if I could add my “Pak Toh” story in this show…sigh!!!!! So so-lly-lah !!!!!!
    Walaubagaimana-pun…..”Gua” banyak suka episod ini….banyak kelakar….. ketawa sampai tak habis-habis sampai kena “Tarik” tapi nasib baik “kencing” dan “tahi” saya tak terkeluar, hahaha!!!

  7. kanasai

    walau eh … ah tox you are really tox lor
    walau eh … you makan free and then cabut
    walau eh … let the ladies pay for your meal…
    walau eh … got any good kang tau, please let us know lar…
    any free meal or free food, just let us know….hahahaha

  8. teik soon

    LOL…this episod make me LOL all the times….Ah really hebat lor…haha

  9. jepun lau ee

    wow! This is one of the best show,I’v ever heard! John’s and his guests level had really gone up!Hope to hear part 2 of this show in the near future.I know that there many listeners, who would like to tell,to tell their stories too..Anyway ,John ,good job!!! Ah Tox..bravo….!!!!!

  10. kanasai

    Ya lor, I think JLE got a few good point. The “pak toh” show do a series podcast… more fun…hahaah

  11. geleng C, you know who

    So Funny…. I laughed till i farted
    that Tok…… I KNEW HE WAS A CHI KO!

  12. ABC

    hm…can u control ur laugh…i cant really listen to other…alll is the laugh!! gosh

  13. elaine

    so funny

  14. shuahuan

    i still remember…last time we also like ah tox 1 gang ride motor take girls…
    one of my girl’s friend who ride my motor…
    we riding past the Scottland Road (beside the Mosque)
    when my motor going up the fly over bridge….
    suddently i hear “kiang…kiang…kiang…”
    i turn my head and see…
    i saw my motor back handle drop down to the road liao…
    my girl’s friend sit untill make my motor’s back handle broken…
    so funny when we reach the destination…
    but my motor is Honda C70…
    u know lah…ha….

  15. antaubar

    damn great la this show, out of all this is the best one….
    ah tox…..big fan of you, your story always as interesting as ever….
    JPL penpal show also really interesting but JPL too “miang”…wakakaka..
    John, good job man…

  16. Bak Tiao

    I hope John will make the second episode.I really enjoyed listen to you guys’ experience and all the funny stuff you guys did.

  17. Kesha

    I believe 3OH!3s songs r rly amusing cause they’re style is great! KESHA addz a lot to their track my first kiss, 2.

  18. phong hong

    Hah Hah Hah Hah…..this episode is so hillarious! Ah Tox is really entertaining!

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