PGHK #117 Lao Cibai (老膣毴)

Nov 5, 2007 | Podcast | 76 comments

Guests: Jepun Lau Ee, Jipunabor, & Lao Pui Niao

Have you heard of vicious mother-in-laws?
You will get to hear some extraordinary stories from our special guests. Even though the issue isn’t funny, there were some funny moments in this show.



  1. K.E

    That mad dog seems wanting some “silver coins” to be thrown in his/mouth.

  2. Hainam Kei Pui

    Quote from you first comment
    “If such a terrible thing really happened to you, it is considered as torturing, then u should have sued ur lao cibai for your own rights.”

    you can actually say “sued ur mil for your own rights. instead of “sued ur laocibai….?”

    They call their mil laocibai is their problem…since you are so respectful to the elderly you should follow them…

    This is my last reply, i am not going to argue with you, you acting like this cos no one is at your side. You are protecting yourself jus like JLE and LPN. And we disagree with you jus like you disagree with us.

  3. Hainam Kei Pui

    oops…missing word in the 3rd paragraph..i mean ” you should NOT follow them”

  4. ETCN

    by the way…TUALANCIAO…are you being sexually tortured by your father in law????? hahahhahhaa…does he know how to use his cock in your ass?

  5. Jipunabor

    Hello Tualanchio, i know them better than you do, because i am their friend, simple as that. (^-^)

  6. Miku John

    I say, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I’d stay away from personal attacks. I say, we call it quit. And move on to the next episode. It’d be ghost stories. Thanks all for your support, and especially to JLE and TPN who so courageously shared their experiences.

  7. Aunt Agony

    Paging for Mr Tualanciao… your doctor is waiting for you.. your request to have your minute brain in your lanciao removed is being approved. it is doing you too much harm… pls be at the doctor’s room this minute. thank you for your cooperation.

  8. kacang puteh

    Tualanciao! I can see you want publicity & be famous down here & that is why you are replying back so many times.It also show us that you are the real first class Puki Ayam if you are a man or the real first class Lao Cibai if you are a woman.Don`t worry you are now officially known as first class Puki Ayam Tualanciao or first class Lao Cibai Tualanciao!
    If you are still not satisfied and wish to comment again,i can even give you Datukship,Let you be Datuk Puki Ayam Tualanciao or Datuk Lao Cibai Tualanciao! SATISFIED????

  9. Siao Cha Bo

    I suggest you to change your nick to Nolanchiao…

  10. Kuku

    Tualanchiou, u have your own opinion and we have our own opinion also.Everyone is allow to comment in this section,but let me remind u that attacking the 2 guests in this show is not the right way to show your opnion of this matter.I can sense the anger in you by reading your comments and therefore i have to say this to u:

    1) By callng the 2 guests in this show bitchy,stupid just shows that u are just as uneducated as well. From your post u are just protecting your ass and never see the other of the 2 guests story.

    2) Yes,we might not know each other very well,but at least we can sympatises with the 2 guest situation in which they have bad mother in law.Instead of showing some sympathy,u went and attack the show directly ,showing no respect to the guest and the show creators as well.Tallking about respect,its
    has to be earn and not given which in this case,neither the 2 mother-in-law has earn the respect from their daughters.I am sure if u are in the same situation,u would have agreed wholeheartly what the 2 guests has to say.Just because u didnt have the same experience dosent mean u can go around and attack the 2 guest causing much disturbance to them in a way or another.

    3)The 2 guests ARE NOT disgracing their husband and mother in law.They are just mearly voicing thier greivances out to the people who would be willing to listen to them which in this cause is pghk.No women in the world would want to have their husband disgrace in front of a thousand listeners.I bet u wouldnt do that to your wife also.

    4)By calling one of the guests “cheap labourer” u have show the kind of insensiblity of writing u have in your comment.Pls do not compare other country to country as each is different.From what u are saying,Its just show that u are very biased and very opinion and very centric to a topic which is suppose to let the 2 guest voice thier grevainces out.

    5)I think u own an appolgy to one of the guests as u might not know that your comment have indirectly cause her to breakdown.Should u still have some feeling,pls go to the chatroom and appolgy to her.And One last time,if u are really interested in the show and want to carry on listening we will welcome u,But if u are here to cause any trouble or suffering to the listerners,u should pack your bag and go elsewhere as i think this is not the place for u.

  11. KOKahKOK

    pity la…can only bath once a month! ……and the bathtub one…really dirty …when i was in japan! sometimes i was the 1st person to use…sometime before mum.

  12. Pek Lulu

    I am Pek Lulu. You all know me. In my previous comment, I already declared MIL and DIL WARS. That was the reason I was neutral. Once the war started, it is hard to resolve. You all know we have better jobs to do to resolve IRAQ war than the family wars. We need votes. Since the guests and Miku expected comment like TLC, we all have to take it. Many votes go to the guests, no vote goes to TLC. It is still fine. Not a big deal. TLC likes to have his/her independent views.
    Hello all my beloved listeners, without guests for MIKU, we have no shows. Without commentators, the show won’t be interesting. I want to be the United Nation. Make everyone happy here. TLC has the guts to voice out and so do the two guests. Miku spent a whole lot of his time to peform on the shows,and so do the listeners spend thier precious time to listen. Now, it takes two to intertwine.
    Later, the two will miss one another and cry for each other. Believe me, through the arguments, the love grows. At times, I missed PGHK, so I came in once in a while.
    For JLE, she has no way out, as the MIL is at home, she will cry for the MIL when she die. For LPN, she talked about going home to see MIL, that’s great. Good to hear that but she has to prove that she does it. What will be the result?
    This is a no end stories. It has been in the history.
    My conclusion is, like a chinese saying ” untie the bells needs those who tie the bells” , resolve matters according to their own situatuions.
    I am neutral. Hope no one will attack me for thier unhappiness. I have no time for wars.

  13. Wantan

    world peace , world peace 🙂
    lets move on to the next topic, ghost stories !!! how nice ! love ghost stories so much !

  14. Tau Sar Phneah

    I think we shall all call it a quit and move to another topic. Life goes on. It’s not worth it to keep on thinking on the same thing; although i am totally DISAGREE with TLC but he has the freedom and right to speak. I do not know who TLC is, whether is a man/woman or old/young person as I am simply not interested in it. I felt that the way TLC commented was a “bit” overboard (note the “….”) and trully not the culture of Asian society.

    Anyway, I would support JPLE and LPN and stand with them as they have the courage to tell and share with us their experience; it is not easy for one to share with us their stories as it was not a proud thing to be said.

    One more thing is we are just like a big family. We are here to get to know each other and make friends with sincere heart. For those who feel that they are here just to gain ATTENTION, POPULARITY and FAME or worsely CHAOS, I assure that you are trully on the wrong area and my advise to you is please leave without creating anymore hassle. Many Thanks.

    ~Tau Sar Phneah~

  15. lehlew

    TLC wrote
    1) ” Belgium, ppl r more civilized than Asian ”
    to TLC, PLS so me the prove, you try to insult Asian people ??? Are you an Asian too ??? if yes, then you are insulting the whole asian ppl including your family,your grandfather too.

    2)”Hard to believe Malaysian like you two can be so stupid”.
    Don;t judge ppl stupidness by just listen to the merely 1hour podcast…Don give this kind of negative comments….more civilized people will respect people and won’t give this kind of comments…It also means that TLC (YOU) is less civilized people…

  16. satay

    Tualanchiou, Welcome you to joint the PUKIAyAM club…give you free one year membership worth 500 EURO for more info, pls email
    NOTE, for invitation only

  17. Khun Tu

    hey Jepun Lau Ee here i am Su En. and i’m dropping by to leave you some comments. i’m sorry about all the narrow-minded-nothing-better-to-do in laws who cant keep their nose off others business and do something productive for themselves instead. i hope i dont have to deal with any in the future.hahaha. i’m glad those who got out of ‘it’ are enjoying life better now for their own good. it’s definitely not worth it to be doing anything for someone who would never appreciate our effort and good sake 🙂

  18. swee swee

    I am stunned with the stories. Really kesian with those ”ku sin lian” daughter in laws. I have a friend’s friend, when she pat-tor with her husband, her husband’s mum was very good to her. However, the night mare started right on the 2nd day of their marriage. Right on the 2nd day, when she woke up, her MIL asked her to go out from the the main door of their house, and her MIL fixed a long stick horizontally, asked her to go back into the house from under the stick. So she has to go back into the house by using the ”bowing position”, her MIL said “it is not that easy to come in to my house.” Then all the night mares started from there. For example they are not allowed to lock their door at night. The MIL wants to go into their room anytime she wants. The MIL wants to see whether her son has put on his blanket or not; the MIL also checked her purse and see how much money she has; checked her handphone then reported to her husband that got guys called her; when she fried fish, her MIL will said all the fish’s head must face the same direction when they are served on plate, etc etc etc.
    Anyway, after that she really ”beh tahan” and filed for a divorce. She was so disappointed with her husband who is really a mummy boy.
    Just a story to share with you all after listening to all the horrific experience.

  19. Lao Garfield / Lau Pui Niau

    Oh Swee swee…so kesian also your friend’s friend… this modern time…no one will believe us if we tell out our MIL stories…stories like these are often only shown as dramas on the television…but I am happy for your friend at least she got her freedom lor…only kesian Jepun Lau ee nia….she is still lving with her MIL…

  20. swee swee

    Yeah lar, LPN, what you said is correct. Only kesian JLE nia.
    My friend got divorced lar, but she is really hurt lo.
    i also kesian you lar, i dont know how you can tahan !!

  21. Jeremy Quah

    Hi there, I am Jeremy. I would like to know how can I join in the conversation or at least get to know ppl from this website. I am currently in USA and would like to keep in touch with ppl from Penang. So, I hope that some1 can contact me at my e-mail: Have a nice a day.(“,)

    Lots of Love,
    Jeremy Quah

  22. Miku John

    So glad you found PGHK.
    You can find out when I will have a recording by visiting often.
    I will make the announcement ahead of time. We don’t record every week, but definitely once a month or once every 3 or so weeks.
    You can find more of PGHK listeners and members by visiting Skype. If you go to main page, on the right, you’ll see links to go to Skype chat specifically for PGHK members.
    Then there’s the Forum. You’ll find a lot of members there too. I also post my next recording, and recording rules there as well.

    Hope you’ll get to join us in the near future.

  23. Or Kim

    I just found this website and I love to hear the podcast.
    I sympathise Jepun Lau Ee and Lao Pui Niao for their encounters. sigh.. still can’t believe that there are still some mother in-law like this.. bully people one… yark si ar…

  24. miau miau

    so kesian lao pui niao …. LOVE… omg… if me i wil run away… salute to u ….
    btw… u must take good care n love urself more than everything….:)
    so scared….. pls do remember MALAYSIA always ur HOME…. we all are here for u 🙂

  25. Ming

    Poor thing! I can’t imagine how they survived!

    Anyhow should reports to the police or go to Malaysia Embassy ask for help!!!

    Do remember to take care yourself…. God Bless U.

  26. si-tuah-bui

    sipek kiet, i love this episode! got 2nd round or not miku john??

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