PGHK #124 Jing Keh Piau

Dec 24, 2007 | Podcast | 10 comments

Guests: CharBour, Tao Sah Pneah, Mah Chi Bai & Lor Mee.

We talked about Christmas from the non-Christian point of view, and from two Catholics’ point of view.
Wish you all a vely Melly Kitmet!

Snowly Charlie's tree



  1. lor mee

    Melly kitmet to everyone ……

    Jing Ke Piau, Jing Ke Piau, Jing Ke O Le Way … la la la la ….Hey
    Jing Ke Piau, Jing Ke Piau, Jing Ke O Le Way … la la la la ….

    Wish You All A Very Merry X’mas & A Happy 2008 Year !!!

  2. jepunlauee

    Wonderful show,laugh until my stomach pain..haha…
    It really gets us to the christmas mood…Thanks so much ,all the wonderful guests..and our special host JOHN…for making this show possible…

    To all the listeners of penanghokkien..I would like to wish you all a very “Merry Christmas& a Happy New Year”

  3. kacang puteh

    Wish you all have a wonderful Christmas & a Happy New Year !!!Hahaaa…Lor mee,not bad hor your singing!Hehehe…Merry X`mas!!!

  4. coffee

    Merry Merry Xmas!!!

  5. Qi Qi

    You guy forgot to mention abt Gurney Drive.
    That is the most crowded place in Christmas.

    Happy New Year!

  6. motoleng

    jing ke piao -2 jing ke si kiao kiao…..

    ang mo also go tang chek … !!! hahaha

  7. kevin/taugeh

    what a nice show… i really like new commer, MCB…… really funny n he really alot sioa idea……. thanks all guest……

  8. KOKahKOK

    i am back…….busy recently and no time to listen yet hehe after year end i can enjoy all hehe

  9. Kopi Soh

    Hapi New Year to all the PenangHokkien members and to PenangHokkien podcast thaukeh, tankiu for dropping by mai humble kopitiam. May the year 2008 bring lotsa happiness, and good health to everyone.

  10. Lao Garfield

    Very siao and funny show this one! Sorry that I could not make it at the last minute. MY PC kklc (Kakalanciao). (sigh)..Although Ang Mor New Year is not my thing…I wish you the best ever you could have. Am now getting ready to go to my BIL’s place for New Year DINNER…Its 12.37 Am here…emmm…I hope my stomach is awake enough for all the food and booze. See your webpage tomorrow morning!

    Lao Garfield

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