PGHK #147 Chao Ua 3 (臭话3)

May 26, 2008 | Podcast | 16 comments

Guests: Motoleng, Ban Chang Kuey & Kam Pui

Ban Chang Kuey brought with him a list of Hokkien curse words. And Motoleng and Kam Pui also brought their own list and explanations of Chao Ua. Everyone has something to share when it comes to Chao Ua. We also took a poll on how many people used Chao Ua, and how many don’t. Listen to our guests’ opinion on the poll.
Kim Hu will join us next time, he had a family emergency before our recording.




    CHAO UA again r !!! i lovely this topic la, good show john 😛

  2. ah_chew

    it’s good to have chao ua topic like this, more like a discussion than actually swearing

  3. Miku John

    Ah Chew, I agree. That has always been my intention for doing Chao Ua’s shows. These are words that we don’t typically proudly discuss when we talk about a language. And things that we don’t talk about may not get passed on to the future generations. Then we’ll have the filtered version, and in the future, things would get into a different form. I think it’s worth discussing, whether or not you think cursing is bad. Curse words are part of every language. It’s only human.
    Plus, we can all get a good laugh. And for some, a good shock!

  4. ah_chew

    next time should talk about curse words in other dialects?eg. cantonese, teochew, hakka… some terms may sound like chao ua but actually not.. so it’d be fun to explore that!

  5. Firedog

    haha !! Nice show !!

  6. jepunlauee

    I enjoyed mololeng chou ua song’s very much..laugh non stop,when I isten to this podcast in my car while driving to work..people in the next lane must be thinking I am crazy..hahahah…
    anyway ,nice show John..and thanks alot to all the guests…

  7. pui bak

    yes… this topic its very very very funny… i cant stop laughing

  8. kacang puteh

    That was a very funny & nice show John!Makes me laughing non stop while listen to it!hahaaa…Thanks to the guest all have done a great show!!!

  9. motoleng

    Thanks JPL …. 🙂
    i got some more chao ua song… may be perpair for next time…

  10. jitpunkia

    kampui is in New Zealand right?
    try this out….

    “New” if read in mandarin, it sounds like “nyuu(cow”)
    “Zealand” if read in hokkien, it sounds like “chilan”

    so, new Chao Ua born!!

    Gu Ji Lan!!! equal to New Zealand….hahahaha…

    am i too rude?
    just for fun

  11. KamPui

    gosh/// jitpunkia..
    i jz read ur comment here…

    my name has been change to PHANG GU BAI… -.-“

  12. 雞腱

    still same… late post… =.=””

    i heard words “lin”. well, i move to KL while i was 12. we use “lin” to replace “lan” since it not dat “kasar” xD… like 你看什么“淋”? 不要“淋”斯(lan c).. 你在那邊搞什么”淋“….

  13. zzzzz

    zzzzzzz siao eh
    very funny u know haha

  14. evolyn

    haiyah…many UK there, I also heard the Boss scold their staff “Tiu Lei Ma Hai” when their staff do something wrong or the boss saja want TIU them..

  15. evolyn

    Haiyah..many la. I also heard in UK when the Boss scold their staff “Tiu Lei Ma Hai” when their staff do wrong or the Boss saja want TIU them la..

  16. evolyn

    1 more is they will say “Kam Lan”…The MIL will say Chuar Bor Lai Cho Ha Mi? Chuar Bor Lai Kam Lan ar? Lor Heng..

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