PGHK #153 Gin-a Kui Chiu (囡仔鬼手)

Jul 7, 2008 | Ghost Stories, Podcast | 15 comments

A big special welcome to all the Hua Hee Dai 欢喜台 audience who saw our listeners Shua Huan and Taugeh promoting our website. Enjoy our craziness!

Guests: Kacang Puteh, Kampui, Bo Bo Knia, Jepun Knia & Lelong.

This is the scariest ghost episode for me. Many of our listeners form Japan joined us in this part of the show. One of the stories actually got on to the famous supernatural TV shows in Hong Kong. You can check that out on YouTube.

Guai Tan Episode

Jipun Knia’s adventure. Click on the photo to check out more on Flickr:
Jipun Knia's Adventure



  1. pangcool

    I also frm Chung XXX, tat photo which BoBo Kia said i saw it before…
    BoBoKia 26yrs old but i’m 23yrs old…

    i rmb tat when i saw tat photo I m form 4 or form 5….not bi ye photo, is ban ji zao…is my year..not senior photo….

  2. motoleng

    that picture is edit by photoshop punya 🙂 hahah (if u scare)

  3. aisui

    where got so many ghost la….
    miskin lebih takut han ghost

  4. pangcool

    hahaha…not scare la..
    but i rmb, after the photo come out…that Sat, all korikurum been cancelled
    and priciple got hire so “ppl” come and do some sembayang thing..

  5. balik pulau

    dont to be too superstition lah!

  6. angkong

    hey, all PGHK members….does anyone of u got “ghost” photo???
    can share and upload on PGHK site wa…

  7. angkong

    by they, after that incident any weird things happen to that school?

  8. Kevin/Taugeh

    angkong.. what picture u mean?

  9. kiam huu

    I also saw b4!!
    a teacher had transmitted from chung xxx to our school. When we’ve touch about the “hantu” topic, he say he got some pic that can shows us so the next day he bring to school and shows us……

    I really can’t believe it, it’s very GELI!!! and I still remember the hand very pale like kid”s hand……

  10. penang_curry

    wer to see the photo?? curious eh…hehe

  11. willdavid


    give me goh! (not lima)

  12. penang_curry

    the pic are so blur eh…cant really see clearly….

  13. angkong

    to Taugeh
    i mean does anyone got any ghost photo?

  14. namsai

    where got ghost in this picture???

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