PGHK #159 Tiong Guan Chaek (中元节)

Aug 18, 2008 | Anniversary, Ghost Stories, Podcast | 27 comments

Guests: Wantan, Heng Jin, TauSarPneah, Puki Pong Pah & Hiao Hong

We always celebrate PGHK’s anniversary along with our Hoh Hniah Ti. Yes, this week we will talk about how we celebrate our annivesary and the ghost month. The show ends with a big special guest, Hiao Hong!

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Gui Ong 鬼王

Ghost Festival

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  1. Kevin/Taugeh

    ohh my…. talk my bad word behind me pula….. huh… haha but i still can understand u all wor……..haha maybe my slang too different lor 😛

  2. SuaPahKao

    hi john… the haunted you mentioned is at Relau… it is surounded by flats and condo… nobody dare to disturb the house for so long since very long time d… near the house got one park, Taman Metropolitan Relau… a lot of ppl go there exercise… john… u must go to see when u come back… 🙂

  3. SuaPahKao

    john… i send a file to ur email d.. the direction of the haunted house… u can search it in wikimapia

  4. jitpunkia

    i can say this ghost story is the funniest episod ever 🙂 totally not scary at all….i like it!

    To SuaPahKao:
    i`d been there before ler…..and yes, there got a park near the house. but i remember i went there and i saw a dog inside the house.
    u guys know is there a dog there? is Doberman Pinscher species.

    To John:
    u must go and have a look! is not that scary as u think lar. look from outside lah…dont go inside the house.

    To PGHK kaki:
    y didnt the “Guaintan” go to Penang Hill haunted banglow ar?
    and, still got any other famous haunted house in Penang?
    as far as i know is Penang Hill XXX bunglow and 100 years haunted house mentioned in this episod.

  5. John

    I only listened to this podcast for 10 minutes and I stopped. No, it’s not because I’m scared, but because it’s a total waste of my time – listening to the hallucinations of some delusional/superstitious guys. Ridiculous.

  6. jitpunkia

    is John and Miku John same person?

    if no. sorry, i should have put “Miku John” instead of “John”.

    To Miku John:
    u must go and have a look! is not that scary as u think lar. look from outside lah…dont go inside the house.

  7. angkong

    personal thought!

    i dont think guys who joined this show are spreading superstitous thinking to our beloved PGHK members.
    They are just sharing their experieces and telling story 🙂
    well, i like this topics!!

    Penang also got one famous haunted place. The Pulau Jerejak! anyone got detail story from that island?

  8. Miku John

    Hi John. Thanks for your comment. You are entitled to your own opinion. I’m not here to judge. Nor am i here to promote or talk down on supersyicions. I am the owner of this site. I find telling ghost stories is a great part of Penang Hokkien usage. I am here to promote the usage of Penang Hokkien in its most natural form. How you’d use it day in and day out. Regardless of your opinions, this is merely a form of discussion. I think you did the right thing by not listening. Because you have the complete choice. And we are not going to get hurt by it. 🙂

  9. wiwiwawa

    Yeah, totally agree with miku john. As I am a quite serious person, but I found that Penang Hokkien is the place for me to enjoy, sometime when I find the topic is not interested, I just ignore it, so what is the big deal? You can just ignore it if you don’t like and no need to comment anything on that.

  10. apong sin

    wow….i smell some smoke in this room…

    i agree with wiwiwawa and miku john, his purpose is to promote hokkien and to promote hokkien we need “tool”, so topics will be the “tool” to gather all members..ghost stories are just one of the “tool”. If john u dont like this topic u can just simply ignore it politely and if u want to give comment or opinion, i suggest u can send email to miku john personaly and not comment here.

    and i also agree with angkong, we are here to have fun using hokkien dielect and joiner are just telling story and experience, they didnt force anyone to believe in Superstition. PGHK members are smart, mature enough i believe 🙂

  11. Ah Pui

    to John:

    a piece of advice. next time please read the atmosphera.

    for example:
    When ppl all are having a crazy party (for fun, releasing stress, making friends).
    And, u just came in the room and shout out loud even whole building can hear it ” Hey!! i dont like Party!!! it was such a time-wasting, stupid event and only idiot will do partying !!! ”

    if u were be one of the attendence of the party, what would u think??

    for me i would think inside my heart “what`s on the earth this guy is???? telling something inappropriate at wrong time and wrong place!!! what the hell!! he thinks he is cool?? ”

    Ps: actually i was thinking to email to u and tell u my personal comment on ur act. but i donno ur email…i have no choice so i justed posted here and i wasnt intent to make u look bad. it`s just….i dont have ur email 🙂

  12. noname

    i was just wondering….

    how can john tells that he is not scared when he never been to that haunted house before?

    john, y dont u try take a walk at midnight alone before u say ” i am not scared!” with confidently??

    after u had walked there at midnite (inside the haunted house) alone with a hand-carry camera to record and prove it , then come back here again and say confidently ” i walked!!! totally no scare!!! just wasting my time!!! only stupid will do that!!!!” then i will shut up forever and apologise to u. 🙂

    if no, i will just look u down, think less of u forever… hahaha

  13. 2 green apple

    wow… i miss hiao hong so much….!!! 🙂 he is damn funny… love it

  14. Miku John

    Thanks to all of you who are supportive to PGHK. But I want to remind all of you that PGHK is open to everyone, which means, whether or not they agree with us, they are totally entitled to their own opinion. That’s how we learn, or that’s they learn about our differences. I am open to anyone leaving their opposing opinions in the comment area.
    Yet again, we have our purpose here, and we can please everyone. If we continue doing what we like, we don’t need other people’s approval nor do we need someone to tell us if we are intelligent or stupid. 🙂 Happy go lucky!

  15. ShuaHuan (Kevenloo)

    ShuaHuan will protect PGHK by dancing around the “campfire”…
    (…asking god of the mother nature chase away those bad ppl…)

  16. John

    Wow…flaks all around… 😉

    Thanks for replying John, I really appreciate it!

    I’m sorry if my comment upsets some of you, for it’s not my intention.

    Well, for the rest,

    1. I stopped listening to this particular podcast because I feel the ghost storytelling guy is getting ridiculous by the minute.
    2. I’m just opining and leaving a response. Isn’t that what a response/comment columns are designed for?
    3. And since I’m given a chance to leave a response about a podcast, why not state it out, whether I like it or not.
    4. I understand the “Penang Hokkien as a tool” purpose. But again, I’m only stating my opinion about this particular podcast, not about the entire Penang Hokkien podcasts.

    Hope ya’ll understand.

    That’s all. 😀

  17. noname

    To john:

    first, i want this to be clear. i am saying here on behalf of myself not on behalf of PGHK ya.

    maybe PGHK members are too protective to PGHK. It was just a involuntary response i guess.

    just want to leave my “comment” and “opinion” in response to ur last message:

    1) Yup, in my opinion, u can stop listening. Is totally your choice. No one force you not to 🙂
    but do you really have to tell everybody “i stopped listen it! cause too ridiculous” and make it public? u picked a wrong time and wrong place to leave such inappropriate comment cause PGHK members are protective and your word migh create some public offence.

    2) I dont think(opinion) you are opining or leaving a response. I dont see any of your opinions on your last 2 message. You are criticising! You came out with the sentence of “it’s a total waste of my time – listening to the hallucinations of some delusional/superstitious guys. Ridiculous.” on ur last 2 message. I dont see this sentence as opinion, it was more likely to be a criticism and denying.

    3) Nobody here forbid you to state comment or leave a response here what….u had stated total 2 messages what…
    i dont understand y u said that????

    4) Again, i didnt see any of ur opinion ler.
    on ur last 2 message, u didnt start ur sentence like “In my opinion, i think u guys are too superstition”…..
    Instead, i think u had hurt guys who participated on this show.
    ” it’s a total waste of my time – listening to the hallucinations of some delusional/superstitious guys. Ridiculous.”
    You didnt appreciate what they done.
    no one here said that u stating your opinion about the entire Penang Hokkien podcasts pun.

    that@s all 🙂
    * i am not saying all this on behalf of PGHK, i am just leaving my personal comment and “opinion” upon john`s message.

    john, it is ok i stated “opinion” on you? i am not judging u ler…dont misunderstand ler :)……. smile lar…


  18. gurai

    i personally also object superstition er…
    young generations will just treat this topic as entertaiment lor.. so easy to believe meh?
    but if this topic goes to my mom, she will totally believes it….:(

    but is ok, i always educate my mom and explain to her 🙂 my parent didnt get so much education so they easy to believe…but as a son, i am oblighted to teach them, explain to them back lor…. explain to them politely, dont to be too superstition.

    young ppl ok kuar….

    anyway, Happy 3 year Annivesary to PenangHokkien. Miku John, good Job!!!

  19. John

    When hungry, eat your rice; when tired, close your eyes. Fools may laugh at me, but wise men will know what I mean.

  20. noname

    hahaha…i am sure john is a “wise man” 🙂

  21. balitong

    Hey john,i know where is relau haunted house la!i join guaitan them go last time…haha

  22. HiaoLok

    i hope Penang Hokkien listeners will like the ‘Tai Suh Iah’ picture that i drew.
    hope you all will like it!

  23. wiwiwawa

    wow, so many ppl comment here…….. btw, Tiong Guan Jiek is going now we should celebrate our MERDEKA!!! yeah……..

  24. penang hokkien lan

    Ghost month talk ghost. Good mah tapi many noise and sometime loud sometime soft. Work hard

  25. Peranakan Francis

    Heluu.. im Heng Jin, survived from Macau haunted apartment and back to Penang already. Would love to join the live recording of ghost story again…. erm soon enough har?

  26. Miku John

    Please come share yours stories.
    Next recording is Jan 11, 2014.

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