PGHK #174 Chut Gua Poh

Dec 1, 2008 | Podcast | 5 comments

Guests: WiwiWawa, Leng Lang, Taugeh, Pek Shua Huan & Dragon Ah Leng

Remember traveling used to be so fancy? It doesn’t even matter if you’re going to Taipeng or Butterworth. Do you remember your first flight? Our special guests shared their experience. Laugh with us.



  1. KC

    Hi guys, I need help over here. I know from Miku that GOOD MORNING is “gau cha”….how about GOOD NIGHT and GOOD AFTERNOON?. Thanks

  2. Jipunabor

    i like when you all were talking about your flight experiences, especially about the toilet 🙂 thanks for sharing, i had a good laugh early in the morn.

  3. millymin

    Hi there! The next Penang’s Bloggers’ Meet will be hitting the town again. It will be on next Sunday, 14th December 2008, 12pm at Paradise Hotel. For more info about the event, do log in to now! =D

    Hope to see you there!~

  4. Oh Choo Bee

    Sawadee krub Miku John…. WAKE UP!!!!!!! MAS will never sponsored you back to Penang,Malaysia. Only people sponsor them… even the Cabin Crew Night they still looking for people to sponsor… so how they are going to sponsor you???

    Anyway, Sorry for my absent on penanghokkien… I will come back more often…. after my trip to Amsterdam,Holland…I went to Koh Samui….. then I went to Phuket….. then came back here to Penang…. then again to Kuala Lumpur for a few days…. and Im going to Canada for Xmas and New Year….. still looking for flight…. anyway, hopefull I will catch you guys on air soon!!!!!!

    Take care Miku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    XXX Oh Choo Bee

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