PGHK #42 Motobike Guests: 2 Green Apples & Gu Leng Ch'ngi This week we talk about the experience of being a motorcyclist. If you are from Penang, motorcycles are one of the signature of the island. Can't avoid them. === Add yourself...

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PGHK #40 Mental Patients 疯人 Guests: Katakpuru, LapChiong, Penang Laksa, Chah Ki, and Soo Jin. We address issues about mentally ill patients. Our personal experience with some of them. I'm sure you'll find some of the mental patients on the...

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Kwong Wah Jit Poh Interview on Monday May 15, 2006

UPDATED Audio File. Thanks to all those who pointed it out. I am having a bad cold. Very loh moh. Kwang Wah Jit Poh interviewed me today. If you can, try to go out and get a copy of Kwong Wah Jit Poh today, Monday May...

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PGHK #39 TauKnguah Fry Crab 豆干炒蟹 Guests: TaoKnguah, Tao Pok, Ah Chim, and GuLeng Ch'ngi. These pair of sisters are the model "laugher". If you can laugh like them when you listen to my shows. You'll make me very popular! === Add yourself to Penang...

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Join Penang Hokkien Forum

The Penang Hokkien Live Chat is a big hit. We have more than 30 listeners registered within the last 2 days. Even thought it's nice to have the live chat box. I figured some discussions from the chat box can be moved to a proper Forum. So, I decided to add a forum for...

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Sign up now and Join the Penang Hokkien Live Chat

I'm going to start registration for this chat. I hate getting spam in here. Plus, you can keep your name. I can see that someone's nickname has been snatched. This will hopefully takes care of it. All you need is provide your email, and the password will get sent to...

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PGHK #38 Kuih Talam School(Kuih Talam 学堂) Guests: Katakpuru, LapChiong, Penang Laksa, Chah Ki, and Soo Jin. Katakpuru's friends visited her. And we chatted with them about their school, teachers, canteen, and friends. Find out what is Kuih Talam School by...

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