PenangHokkien.com Awareness Campaign Submission 2 Send your picture with "PenangHokkien.com" in it. And send me the picture. Or submit the picture in our Penang Hokkien Forum.

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PGHK #46 Kueh Chee (果子)

http://penanghokkien.com/media/PgHkn-2006-06-26.mp3 Guests: Oh Tao (??) & Soh Si Ken Welcome to all the NanYang newspaper readers! I was just told by a listener and friend that PenangHokkien.com got a mention in ????. We discussed about Malaysian local fruits that we...

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Ang Ku Kueh

PenangHokkien.com Awareness Campaign Submission 1 Send your picture with "PenangHokkien.com" in it. And send me the picture. Or submit the picture in our Penang Hokkien Forum.

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PGHK #45 Siao Teh: Crazy to the Core (疯底)

http://penanghokkien.com/media/PgHkn-2006-06-19.mp3 Guests: Siao Ting Tong & Sarawak Ah Bi Humor is the core of this show, and expressing humor with our own mother tongue, Penang Hokkien, is the best way to do it. This week, we celebrate humor by having two crazy...

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PGHK #44 Puak Kiu (赌球)

http://penanghokkien.com/media/PgHkn-2006-06-12.mp3 Guests: Kuan Kong & Chao Mek Kong To welcome the crazy World Cup football fever. Kuan Kong and his friend Chao Mek Kong talked about the relationship between gambling football and love-making. === Add yourself to...

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PGHK #43 Bak Chang (肉粽)

http://penanghokkien.com/media/PgHkn-2006-06-05.mp3 Guests: Wantan Our in-house food expert, aka Wan Tan, tells us stories about the origin of Dragon Boat Festival (???). Of course, we also talk about bak chang themselves. === Add yourself to Penang Hokkien Frappr...

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Poh Koh: NOISE Performance House’s Annual Drama

http://penanghokkien.com/media/PgHkn-PohKoh-2006-06-01.mp3 A friend of mine is directing a couple of plays. Xiamen Ah Long and a friend of his PLOBeng tell you all about the plays and where you can go get tickets and more information. Please visit our Penang Hokkien...

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About PGHK

The very first podcast entirely in Penang style Hokkien. Funny and casual chats with no topic restrictions. We talk about things that you will only share with your closest friends. May contain Adult Content and Language. Minor please consult your parents.What does EXPLICIT tag means?

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