iTunes subscribers get first

I will be away on vacation for almost 2 weeks. I have made some special arrangements so that you'll get show #56 automatically on Monday. BUT, if you are subscribed to Penang Hokkien Podcast using iTunes, you will be getting show #56 before Monday. Please wait until...

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PGHK #55 Kok Kheng Jit (国庆日) Guests: Ojian, Xiamen Ah Long, Arabaijop, Maikapsiao! Welcome back to our new listeners from the Star newspaper and China Press ???. Click on the Flash player above to play the episode or follow the instruction on...

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UPDATED: Site Problem (no more)

UPDATED: The problem is solved. A friend of mine helped me troubleshoot the problem, and we figured out that it was a picture that was too big for the template. You should see the post as usual now. Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience. -------------------- Some...

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UPDATED: Penang Hokkien Podcast Skypecast ENDED

UPDATED: Session ENDED. But I'll definitely do more in the future. Check back here. For those who has a mic and a pair of headphones, and want to meet and chat with me (Miku John), please come and join us now. 1. Must have Skype installed on the computer. 2. Mic &...

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PGHK #54 Kek Chan Kui (客栈鬼) Guests: Ang Ku Kueh, Ah Chew, Wantan, & Oh Tao Special welcome to our new listeners from the Star newspaper. Click on the Flash player above to play the episode or follow the instruction on how to subscribe using...

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Welcome The Star readers!

Aiyah! All the Star Newspaper readers! Welcome to Penang Hokkien Podcast. Huan Eng ah! Kam the very Siah! Read the online article here from the Star Online Older shows can be found here. Or simply scroll down to the bottom, and click on "Previous Posts"

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Be a Guest. Morning Recording on August 26, 2006

Anyone interested in the next recording sessions, please go to our forum for more information. One of the topics I'd like to do is "Merdeka!" There are two more shows, and pick a topic that you'd like. All the information is at this page: Click here for Information on...

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PGHK #53 T’ngiah Cheong (听众) Guests: Beh Ki Beh Lok, Oh Tao, Ang Ku Kueh, Hiao Lok, Tao Hong, Wantan, Kuan Kong, NOTE: This show is in stereo, the file is larger. You may have to wait a while if you listen from the website. If you have iTunes,...

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PGHK #52 Qit Guek P’nguah (七月半) Guests: Iao Ch'ngi, Ah Chew, Wantan & Oh Tao Pictures by Pek Thor Since tomorrow is Qit Guek P'nguah, we continue sharing our ghost stories. We welcome our special first time guest Iao Ch'ngi to the show. This...

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Oh Tao 芋头 (PigGalleryByTARO)

So tu hoh that it is Oh Tao's birthday on August 3! Happy Birthday! Take a picture of yourself, or a scenery where you are, and somewhere in there, put "" This will help us promote Add your picture to your own blog and to this forum...

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