Next Recording: January 6, 2007 Morning

Come join our first session of recording in 2007. Put your name in the following link: If you just want to listen to the live show, go find out about the time by clicking on the link above.

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PGHK #72 Meh Lang (骂人) Guests: Oh Tao, Ang Ku Kueh & Soh Si Kien I'm sure with the holiday season, the pressure of shopping and crowd would probably get to your nerves sometimes. We talked about how we may sometimes scold people under a...

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Ang Pi Kang (红鼻孔) Merry Christmas! I hope you don't mine me taking a break and giving you a short little song. This song is produced by a fellow Malaysian blogger, Lin Peh. See if you can pick out which is my voice? 😀 Here's a list...

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Listen. Attend. Win.

It is official. I'll be bringing Penang Hokkien Podcast back to Penang! This coming Chinese New Year 2007, year of the big fat pig, I'll be meeting listeners and also to give away an iPod shuffle. It has the engraving on the back that says "I Love"....

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PGHK #71 BBM Guests: Ah Hua, Katakpuru & Lap Chiong Today we talked about the movie Brokeback Mountain, or sometimes known as BBM. This show was inspired by the previous shows when we talked about being gay in Penang Hokkien #56...

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PGHK #70 Pantang Guests: Ah Chew, Hiao Lok, Arabaijop, Wantan & Shua Hu We only started some conversations about Feng Shui and Pantang. I'm sure you'll have a lot more to share. If you are interested, we'll do another show. But I had...

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PGHK #69 Gin-a Game (囡仔Game) Special thanks to Penangknia for his guidance in Chinese text. Guests: Ah Tox, Pek Lu Lu, & Ah Leng (Dragon) This is a continuation of a previous episode PH#65 Siao Lien Keh (少年家). I started a lot of conversations...

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