PGHK #69 Gin-a Game (囡仔Game)

Dec 4, 2006 | Podcast | 7 comments

Special thanks to Penangknia for his guidance in Chinese text.

Guests: Ah Tox, Pek Lu Lu, & Ah Leng (Dragon)

This is a continuation of a previous episode PH#65 Siao Lien Keh (少年家). I started a lot of conversations among friends and family about games they used to play growing up. And that includes some a little bit older than 30’s. But it’s fun to see the huge difference our childhood games changed. Share your own experience and stories in our Penang Hokkien forum.

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  1. Hellrider

    Hi John…well i think regarding the bamboo and the seed…nowadays we still play it but we r using the same concept but different materials. I think u should had played that in ur Chung Tut hight schoo. Do u remember that we hv a pen whic is u can open 2 headed? Then we will use tissue and put water then we will squeeze in the 1 end…and put another 1 on the other end. Use the pen ink to push of of the tissue to another end and when it contain pressure the another end of tissue will come out. Whereas some games like u get those eraser with each countries flag sign. Then u shoot it…is either touch if or knock out from the table will win the other party’s eraser. This is some games that i used to play in primary school.

  2. SuaPahKao

    I remember few games play in kampung last time:

    ?? – make the leaf fly and compete who can shoot far far

    jambu air gasing – use jambu air flower to make gasing kecil

    one leg – one leg jump here and there to catch ppl

    AEIOU – 1 catch others that move.

    Pepsi cola – try to step on other players legs

    Seek and hide – play during night and no current

    fighting fish – catch fighting fish from river and fight with others

    tanah liat – korek tanah liat and make may shapes of toy

    dragon fly – catch dragon fly and play to carry small stone

    ??? – one leg jump in boxes drawn and cannot step on ppl house, can rest on
    own hosue. got many patern of boxes, “roti” shape , “?” shape etc.

    monkey – one ppl be monkey and others make a round and thorw the ball, monkey to cath the ball.

  3. Bo Mia Si

    Do you guys know that Sesame Street got featured a short introduction of Wau from Terengganu, Malaysia in one of their series. I felt so proud.

  4. shuahuan

    i stay at Komtar (goh tiao lor)area since 1980 – 1998…
    so see ppl “chase kite” is normal during month of july to august
    trafic there is consider heavy…but yet…those kids still chase the kite…
    some times car will stop for them to cross without see the car comming1…
    i still remember one time…
    those kids climb on a car roof for just a falling kite on top of the car…
    the car owner just scold those kids…what can they do?
    some kite string also nearly make motorist accident coz the kite string got glass powder may cut their neck1…
    but my child play is follow my uncle to catch fresh water fish at Taman Belia (Youth Park) or Botanical Garden (Monkey Moutain / Park)…
    there are so many fish there…
    cat fish…fresh water eel…leh hu…pickok (local guppy)…
    we also collect nice water grass there…
    miss those days (although i am just age 26) hee…
    this is a repeated topic…
    but with ah tox & pek lulu old times experience…
    we can see the generation “game” is changing…
    1960 -1970 1970-1980 1980-1990 1990-2000 (from time to time)
    i thik in future…we need to used computer to play these tradisional childhood games liao…hope those game like the movie “The Matrix” can feel the smell, the pain and the real enviroment…than will almost original liao…

  5. Taipingcat

    I remembered most the girls loved to kick tiny feathers sticking on a few round pieces of rubbers. This game was sung in a song as well. You kicked 10 times and I kicked 8 times. I love that game cos’ if you are good at it, the tiny feather will not drop. It is like kicking “sepak raga” -Malay ball made of rattan. Any one know this game?

  6. thamby


  7. thamby

    I played ( Kar Li Thuy ) a lot during my primary school day’s during recess. Anyone remember at Badminton Court? What about Chiak Bak, using tennis ball. When someone fight to pick the ball and hit hard to anyone who is close by. Adoy! that’s really hurt. Always got cane when I got back home from school because of those dirt mark left by the ball. It’s a hell of a game, though.

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