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Jan 19, 2010 | Announcements | 15 comments

My thoughts go out to all who involved in the Chung Ling High School dragon boat accident yesterday. My condolences to the family and friends of those whose lives were lost in this tragedy and good thoughts go out to those who are still missing.

Dragon Boat Accident News on The Star

Article in Chinese at Kwong Wah

UPDATED (Jan 19):
I’m sure many of you heard this in the news that all the remains of those who were missing were found.
Very sad indeed.
My sincere sympathy goes out to all the friends and family of those whose  lives were abruptly cut short by this accident. Especially the parents of these young students and teacher. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain that you have to bear. My thoughts are with you.


  1. KC Petai

    it is a very very sad news…even though i m not from that school….hopefully all of them that are affected can pull themselves back from pieces back into one…condolences to their family members, especially their parents….

  2. namsai


  3. Tua Pui Kia


  4. HiaoLok

    thanks John and All !

  5. Tua Pui Kia

    John ,
    Why today got new post wan…
    I cant wait to listen to it le…

  6. HokkienChar

    God bless those who perished and protect those who are still missing.
    These few days Penang have a strong current of wind, hope those kids will not float to far away from shore.

  7. tordaojam

    Ya, really feel so so sad when heard about this news yesterday. There was another body found this morning, well, not a good news, even though the remaining missing has become 3… .

  8. PhunKhiCheng

    My deepest condolence to all those lost their lives.

  9. wiwiwawa

    that form 5 one were my cousin sister ex- classmate during primary….. and my fren teach them for 3 months in primary b4……..sad to hear that

  10. Xiamen Ah Long

    Tears are running while I read the news. Pray for their families to work as a tight unit and be strong. Life is so unpredictable. Smile and love while you can.

  11. ChaoMehKong

    It got me sobbing as well…
    This was released today in Star
    and it got me thinking…

    “The survivors were given RM200 each from the Education Ministry.”
    I could understand the ministry offered the victims family some condolence in form of “pek kim”, but the RM200 to the survivors? I didn said that they dont deserved it, but whats the reason behind the RM200? Because the survivors were shocked over the tragedy? Or terrified over the lost of their friends and assistant teacher?

    “In Petaling Jaya, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said the search and rescue team did their best in trying to rescue the students. He said credit should be given to the Fire and Rescue Department, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency, police and other rescue organisations.”
    Reading from the blog, the authorities after 2 hours. The volunteers were even faster than the government bodies. As someone said, the closest Bomba to the scene is at near Jetty, and my apology as i expect it to reach within 30mins. In the Star, 3 detailed paragraphs in credits for the authories in helping out, but 1 sentence for comment on its criticisms and slow response to the scenario?

    I know its not about pointing fingers. Somehow i wish more can be done, rather politics…

  12. HaiSom

    T.T My friends are dead
    Especially YongXiang. My homie

  13. chaithaoleng

    R.I.P. my juniors ~

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