PGHK #82 Cheh Lian Hua Kuei Pak Hai (坐莲花过北海)

Mar 5, 2007 | Penang, Podcast | 7 comments

Guests: Xiamen Ah Long, Shua Huan, Si Lui Bak, Sneh Cheng, Ong Teh Pa Pa, Ong Boh Neoh Neoh

I have always talked about doing a recording for my podcasts on the ferry in Penang, and today my dream came true. This recording was actually done aboard the Penang ferry “Pulau Undan”. You can see some of the behind-the-scene video on the Star Online on The Star Podcast. Or view the video directly on Ongline Video Podcast #20.

For those who didn’t make it to the Little Penang Street Market, stay subscribed, the recording should be coming up very soon. That was REALLY FUN. Please support Little Penang Street Market if you are in Penang. It’s on the last Sunday of each month.

Ferry Penang
I’m sweating like a mad man.



  1. Siao Cha Bo

    i like the part “hiam hiam latah chut lai” when the ferry is trying to fit into the dock…

    maybe can open a thread on “top 10 penang latah” liao… haha…

  2. Ang Ku Kueh

    I laugh untill cannot stop when listen to John Shout out “HAR….” so loudly while get to know the ferry fare was now RM1.20… haha 😀

  3. Shua Hu

    aiiii…. this is the day that the whole Malaysia knew me is lazy & Ah Tox lau sai…. hahahahaha

  4. shuahuan

    aiyo Shua Hu…u live in Butterworth is not make any sense to ask you come to penang early in the morning and take ferry go back butterworth again…than come back to take your car than drive back to butterworth again…

    i was lucky coz i use to wait at the “Hainam Seafood” beside the jetty,miku saw me standing beside the road when he past by and call ah tox (our PGHK operator)to call me come to the MPPP Building (due to miku dont have my number), if i “scare hot” stay in my car enjoy aircon sure they will left me behind de…

  5. wah lau

    wah lau…face so gay, confirmed gay case. pengsan.

  6. Miku John

    Wah Lau, mmm… it isn’t exactly news. But I’m glad you know well enough to confirm my gayness. 🙂 Pengsan. :p

  7. Lao Garfield

    Still look so cute! :*

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